June 19, 2018
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Nov. 29 Letters to the Editor

Millinocket pride

I watched the Stearns-Yarmouth football game on TV. Those young men should really be proud of themselves. I have never seen so much heart in a game.

Maybe Stearns players think they lost, but in my estimation, they are winners. Look what they did — gave Millinocket an uplift that had been sadly missing.

Things have looked so bleak for quite some time in Millinocket, but the team put us back in focus. I don’t call that losing.

Thank you so much for your dedication — I, for one, appreciate it. Hold your heads up. You deserve to do that for all of us.

Money McGibbon



Joke column

I read with amazement the Nov. 18 column by Mr. Fred Hill. He praises the integrity of the president and his vision. Did he not hear of the blatant buying and selling of votes, in the recent debate on the national health care issue, in which the president reportedly participated?

He denounces the Republicans for distortions and falsehoods. Was he unaware of the recent election results which most of us seem to relate to the disgust of the American people with respect to the actions of the president and his Democratic Party members in the Congress? Does he really believe the American people are so naive as to be hoodwinked by such despicable actions he alleges to be the work of the Republicans?

As I read on, I thought he was joking and expected a comment at the end such as, “I was only kidding, guys.”

John R. Deane, Jr.



Head, hands and heart

The BDN’s Nov. 22 editorial “How to End Wars” is magnificent. It remind me of a quote from Reminisce magazine which seems to me to be wise, thoughtful and ultimately possibly doable: “Head, hands and heart will solve more of the world’s problems than arms.”

Wouldn’t it be interesting to expose all our children, worldwide, to that idea early in their lives?

Margaret R. Parker



Tooth for a tooth

How would any of us feel if we called a dental office to make an appointment and could only come in on certain times or certain days because we didn’t have the right kind of dental insurance? Wouldn’t that feel pretty awful?

The Maine Board of Dental Examiners is attempting to take away the right of independent practice dental hygienists from seeing patients with MaineCare. They want us to set up a schedule where MaineCare patients are not allowed to come into the office at the same time as regular paying patients or patients with traditional dental insurance. The interesting part is although they are hoping to cut off this avenue to MaineCare patients, dentists around the state are not willing to open their doors to these children.

Dentists around the state are feeling threatened by hygienists being able to practice independently and are working hard to make sure these offices are not successful. Many dental hygienists who have decided to obtain independent practice licenses are being bullied, fired, threatened with their jobs and forced to sign noncompete agreements. These dentists are putting pressure on the Board of Dental Examiners to extinguish all avenues these hygienists have at being successful.

Please write to the Board of Dental Examiners at dental.board@maine.gov and tell them this is wrong!

Traci L. Dempsey



Hoping for justice

More than 21 years ago, Judge Carl Bradford decided that he didn’t want to waste time on DNA testing in the original Dennis Dechaine trial. Dechaine had asked to have the DNA testing done and even offered to pay for it. Then, after Dechaine appealed his conviction, the state incinerated likely DNA evidence including the rape kit, unidentified hair, and the victim’s pants, but kept items deemed evidence for the prosecution.

Soon this same Judge Bradford will be deciding whether Maine’s revised DNA statute will allow a new trial for Dechaine based on DNA of a male who is not Dechaine found under the victim’s thumbnail. Bradford has refused to consider new time-of-death findings by two renowned forensic pathologists that puts Dechaine in police custody well before the murder, and the fact that testimony given at the original trial by detectives is contradicted by their own notes.

But let’s all hope, for the sake of justice, that Judge Bradford makes a correct decision this time on the DNA evidence. Last year the state used DNA found under a victim’s fingernail to solve an even older murder case. It could also solve this case and set an innocent man free at last.

Jennifer Bunting



Off our knees

Think of this scenario. You have a garden full of fresh fruits and vegetables, but because of so many federal regulations addressing their use, you decide to purchase the food elsewhere. I don’t find this a whole lot different than what this country is doing to our dependence on foreign oil.

Who created the DEP, EPA, LURC and the commission to decrease our dependence on foreign oil? Our federal and state governments. All of these organizations have cost the American taxpayer untold billions of dollars without protecting our best interest. One has to wonder why. Who is taking care of whom?

It is time to decrease the ability of these agencies to stop the exploration and utilization of all of the oil resources we have on American soil. I firmly believe that with government support there are ample sources needed to start drilling the oil we have and the building of a refinery for the oil that we have. Put this idea into motion and see what happens. The savings realized by the American people by spending less for transportation, heating their homes, etc., that would be put into the economy of this country would be no less than astounding.

I would love nothing more that to see the effects of our country not having to use foreign oil. Put those countries down on their knees. They have had us on our knees far to long.

Robert Beaulieu



Enough griping

I have a place on Vinalhaven where I live from May to October. It is slightly more than half a mile from the wind turbines, and yes, I see them and yes, I hear them.

I support them 100 percent. They are a remarkable achievement by and for the island community.

Will you give it a rest with Cheryl Lindgren?

Virginia Edelen


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