May 25, 2018
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Nov. 20 Letters to the Editor

Health care hypocrisy

Don’t you find it amazing that freshman tea party Republican Dr. Andy Harris of Maryland, who ran on a platform of repealing health care reform because he said there was no constitutional mandate pertaining to health care, was outraged at the fact that his government-sponsored health care package didn’t go into effect for 28 days and felt he couldn’t wait that long? He then wanted to know if he could buy into the program for the first 28 days to cover his family. (That would come under the “Public Option,” if we had one.)

To my knowledge, no new congressmen or women have decided to opt out of their government-run health care packages. You have to ask yourself, and you might want to ask them too, why these people think that what is so great for them is so bad for us.

Mike Avery Sr.



Appetite for war

The heads of the commission to study deficit reduction want to cut Social Security. Staff members of the supposedly bipartisan commission, according to The Washington Post, are paid by outside groups, including (surprise!) conservative groups. One, the Peterson Foundation, is the work of Peter Peterson, who has been at-tacking Social Security for years.

The cover of one of his books, “Gray Dawn,” shows a giant iceberg representing the aging population. We older than 65 are a grave threat to the U.S. Worried about climate change, terrorism or unemployment? Be very afraid instead of your friends and neighbors on that iceberg.

Cut our benefits or perish.

Extending the war in Afghanistan to 2014, the new plan, will cost many billions. A commission serious about cutting the deficit would have to oppose this extension. The problem is not that elders are too expensive but that our appetite for war is insatiable.

Peg Cruikshank



LNG still viable

In a Nov. 13 letter to the editor, Jeanne Guisinger stated that the LNG “train is not limping through a regulatory morass. It’s been derailed by the industry.” She also stated there was ample availability of natural gas. Ms. Guisinger is wrong on both counts.

The Downeast LNG application with FERC has been languishing in the federal review process for more than a year due to regulatory changes. The Office of Pipeline Safety is approving new technical models and until they are approved, developers cannot complete the modeling required by FERC for engineering plans.

Many gas producers in the U.S. are now focused on the development of unconventional gas, principally shale gas. The problem for New England is that the pipelines that could transport this natural gas to the region are at maximum capacity from November to March. Even if we do in fact have a 100-year supply of natural gas in the U.S., there is no way to bring this gas to New England when we need it most.

Building a new pipeline to New England is not a solution because it is impossible to secure the necessary rights-of-way. The only solution to meet incremental gas demand in New England and Maine is with a new land-based LNG facility.

Achieving the economic potential of Washington County will require not only small businesses but large businesses as well, such as an LNG terminal. Sen. Kevin Raye understands this, and this is why he was re-elected with almost 65 percent of the vote.

Dean Girdis


Downeast LNG



Peter Principle

The BDN recently has published several complicated analyses trying to determine why President Obama has failed to accomplish many of his goals. In my opinion, the answer is simple: The Peter Principle.

The Peter Principle says that people often advance in their careers until they reach a level at which they are incompetent. Obama’s disastrous dealings with the economy and diplomacy, to name just two areas, show he is not equipped for the presidency.

During the election, the media claimed that Sarah Palin was not prepared to be president because she didn’t have enough executive experience. They refused to acknowledge that Mr. Obama had absolutely none.

In 2008, we elected someone with little preparation for the job of president, and it shows. I hope that in 2012, we do better.

Lawrence E. Merrill



Palestinian history

Israeli-Palestinian talks halted again. Israel is at fault. Israelis drove the Palestinians from their homeland in 1948. The aforementioned propaganda is typical unfactual news.

History shows that in 1947 the U.N. came up with a two-state solution of Israel and Palestine for Jews and Arabs. The Jews accepted the solution, the Arabs attacked the 650,000 Jews of Israel with five standing armies as its reply. Violence from Palestinian Arabs continued through today.

History shows the Jews did not chase Arabs out of Israel and Palestine in the 1940s. The Arab religious, political and military Islamic leader, the grand mufti, pushed them to leave so he could annihilate Jews along with his partner Adolf Hitler.

History demonstrates how Israel, although imperfect, has shown restraint in attacking its aggressors via warning civilians before measures of defense. In fact, Israel has approximately 130 bombs daily dropped on it from Hamas (Palestinians).

If Americans would examine what Palestine uses the financial aid we give it for (weapons), we might stop this insanity. Israel’s population includes 20 percent peaceful Arabs who have equal rights in voting, citizenry, jobs, etc. History shows that when many Jews returned to their shared homeland they purchased deeded swampland, worked hard, educated themselves and built a better society.

We can help the Palestinians by insisting they follow through on their words with action long overdue, and get educated and contribute positively to the world.

Robert Rosati



The only O’Toole

The obituary of Rev. Coleman P. O’Toole that appeared in the Wednesday, Nov. 17 BDN, brought an endearing memory to my mind.

When he arrived to serve in Dover-Foxcroft at the Catholic Church, I was a teller in the Dover branch of Bangor Savings Bank. He came in, walked to my window and introduced himself. He said, “My name is Father O’Toole, and I am the new priest.” I said, “We have an Irish s etter, and his name is Kelly O’Toole.” He smiled and with a twinkle in his eye, he said, “I thought I was the only O’Toole in town.”

Lois M. Farr



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