BANGOR — Are there things you could do to keep your mind in tip-top shape? On November 4 at 11 am, Rosscare will be presenting “Brain Fitness and Memory Loss: What every older adult needs to know” in the community building next door to the Stockton Springs Community Church at 25 Church Street in Stockton Springs.

Presenter Amy Cotton, a nurse practitioner at Rosscare, has more than 20 years of experience in elder care. During this event, she will focus on brain health in older adults and offer strategies for brain fitness. She will also provide information for those concerned about memory loss.

This informational event is free to community members. All ages are welcome.

For more information about the event call (207) 862-2007.


Meg Haskell

Meg Haskell is a curious second-career journalist with two grown sons, a background in health care and a penchant for new experiences. She lives in Stockton Springs. Email her at