June 19, 2018
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Sept. 27 Letters to the Editor

Big bucks, big deal

Gubernatorial candidate Paul LePage recently stated that his tax mistake was “no big deal.” If half the state took the same “no big deal” tax write-off the state would be down $124 million.

Scott Misler


• • •

Quebec solution

Why is anyone considering wind power vs. other forms of green energy, especially in light of Clyde MacDonald’s Sept. 9 OpEd? He is indicating we are paying about 17 cents a kilowatt-hour (which will rise with costs of transmission line upgrades) while Vermont has just contracted with HydroQuebec to buy power for the next 26 years at 6 cents per kwh.

This would appear to be a no-brainer while still using a green source.

Roger W. Hannemann


• • •

Time is of the essence

We would like to thank U.S. Rep. Michael Michaud for his vote to hold polluters accountable for oil spill damages, reduce the federal deficit and provide funding to restore and conserve land in Maine and across the country. This bill (H.R. 3534) passed the U.S. House recently and is intended to prevent future devastating oil spills and the harm they inflict on our environment and economy.

The BP oil spill took 11 lives. The explosion of an offshore oil platform near Grand Isle, La., threatened many workers. The gas pipeline explosion in San Bruno, Calif., killed at least four people and injured 60 others. All are serious warning signs that it is past time to revamp our nation’s energy policies.

Lives, economies and ecosystems are being destroyed from our fossil fuel addiction, and we will see more damage as the climate continues to change. This year in Maine we’ve seen unprecedented tornadoes and have had some of the hottest days on record, creating a public health threat.

Putting America on a path toward a clean energy future will help deter the effects of even more extreme climate change, boost jobs and make Maine and the U.S. more energy independent.

We congratulate Rep. Michaud and the House for also passing a significant energy and climate bill last year. But progress was stalled by inaction in the Senate. The job is not done. The Senate must make comprehensive energy and climate legislation its highest priority. Time is of the essence.

Lisa Pohlmann

deputy director

Natural Resources Council of Maine

• • •

Vote experience

I’m surprised and disappointed at how some people make decisions about selecting their leaders.

I have been a small-business owner and resident of Bangor for more than 25 years. Right now I have two excellent local representatives: Sara Stevens and Joe Perry, both of whom have already demonstrated responsiveness to their constituents, hard work, compassion and common sense.

Mike Michaud, our representative in Congress, has worked tirelessly to represent Maine people for more than 30 years. We also have Libby Mitchell running for governor. She has served nine terms in the Maine House of Representatives and three terms in the Senate, and is the first woman in America to serve as both president of the Senate and the speaker of the House.

All of these people have shown their mettle as public servants.

Since when is it a negative to have experience? It’s not how we choose our doctor, dentist or carpenter.

During difficult times I want people representing me who already have proved that they have a grasp of what’s going on and can work with others to develop solutions to challenging problems. I plan on voting for someone whose resume is more about what they know and what they’ve done than what they think they might do when they get there.

Suzanne Kelly


• • •

Proposals, not attacks

Paul LaPage has explained about his wife’s 10-year-old $200 Florida tax rebate problem. It’s no big deal. Now let’s hear what he has to propose for the state of Maine or is the media so shallow and biased as to continually focus on unimportant issues?

I live in Maine because it’s special; for once I was hoping to hear about what the candidates are proposing for Maine rather than continued attacks.

Richard de Grasse


• • •

I like Mike

Rep. Mike Michaud is working hard for the people Maine. For 29 years, he worked at the Great Northern Paper Mill in East Millinocket. Since 2003 he has served as our representative from the 2nd congressional district and has put the interests of Maine and Maine people first.

In 2008, despite tremendous pressure from his party’s leadership and powerful corporate interests, Mike voted against the Wall Street bailout. He voted no because he knew it was a giveaway to the banks and was wrong for the people of Maine.

Maine needs Mike Michaud in Congress. He will continue his important work on the TRADE Act so trade agreements protect American manufacturers, such as Maine’s paper industry, and benefit U.S. workers by keeping good jobs in America.

He will continue his important work on the Veterans Affairs Committee where he has championed investments in VA medical facilities, cost of living increase for disabled vets and important funding for brain injury rehab services and shelter for homeless veterans.

On Nov. 2, vote for Mike Michaud, for Maine and Maine workers.

Sheila O’Neill


• • •

Missing city manager

It always seems that management wants everything done in a expeditious manner. I’m guessing it has been close to three months, and the Bangor City Council has not come up with a new city manager.

It’s odd, because it took less time to give Ed Barrett his walking papers.

Jim Koritzky


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