BANGOR, Maine — Both the state and the defense rested their cases Thursday morning in the attempted-robbery trial of Jerome G. Richards II, and closing statements will begin after the lunch break, Superior Court Justice S. Kirk Studstrup told jury members.

Richards, who is homeless, was seen by an off-duty state trooper wearing a hood that covered his face and black latex gloves on June 1 as he walked toward the front door of a credit union in Corinth, according to testimony.

Richards never went into the bank but has been accused of attempted robbery because “he took substantial steps toward the commission of the crime of robbery,” Penobscot County District Attorney Christopher Almy said during the trial, which is being held at the Penobscot Judicial Center.

On the first day of the trial on Wednesday, friends of Richards testified that he planned “something big” to get money.

Maine State Police Trooper Brian Bean took the stand on Monday and told jurors that he saw Richards walk from behind a bunch of bushes with the hood and gloves on. The arresting officer, Penobscot County Deputy Bobbie Pelletier, testified that he found two pellet guns — one under passenger seat of the car Richards was riding in when it was stopped by police — a large knife and an extra clip for one of guns, also inside the car, which was driven by a female friend of Richards.

The driver, 22-year-old Katherine McCarter, told the jury that Richards “said something about doing something big to come up with money” but “he didn’t mention anything specific.”

She also testified that the two were on a marijuana run.