May 22, 2018
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August 18 Letters to the Editor

Bangor patriots

I will never forget this day thanks to people in Bangor.

My son flew back from Iraq today, and his first stop in the states was in Bangor. Your reputation of welcoming heroes home has become well-known.

I would like to explain how good you made me feel. My son was tired and very anxious to get back to Texas. We talked for about 45 minutes, and for the most part, his spirits were lifted each time he remembered something to tell me about your welcome.

Your acknowledgement of his service will never leave my mind. I was very proud that he stopped in Bangor and had a chance to meet your fine patriots.

God bless, in war and peace.

Josh Monkiewicz

Pharr, Texas


Double standard

Canada seems to be dead set against LNG tankers transiting Canadian waters, yet it does not seem to be to worried about its Canadian Navy using two oil tankers with single hull designs.

They do recognize that they need to be replaced but it seems they aren’t in too big a hurry; 2017 is the target date for replacement.

Would it not behoove the U.S. government and all the anti-LNG crowd from around Passamaquoddy Bay to be demanding that these Canadian Navy vessels be barred from entering the precious waters of Passamaquoddy Bay? After all, we don’t want another Alaskan oil spill here.

Will Canada even give us fair warning that these aging and potentially dangerous vessels might be entering the bay? This is the full story on these ships:

Thomas Bonner



Farmers’ best vehicle

Tractors big and small bring family members on the farm closer together. It’s interesting to see that three generations of boys know how to drive something in common, or have the other schoolkids look up to a farm kid because they work hard and know how to maneuver such a piece of machinery.

I haven’t spent a lot of time on a tractor but I do enjoy the sights and thoughts of my brother Stephen and cousin Freddie driving the tractors every day from the time they were 8 years old.

Whether it be feeding the cows, mowing grass, raking hay, plowing the fields or spreading manure, these boys are very proud of all the thousands of miles they drove on their tractors.

They always seem to fret about which John Deere tractor is better than the other or if the Case IH will work better. But they always seem to work together well.

Just remember, when you see a tractor on the road, or in a field, smile and wave to the men and women of this country who are farming to make food for our world.

Devon Dekoschak



80,000-pound trucks

Here is an alternative solution that may be worthy of consideration.

Why not reduce the Maine weight limit to 80,000 pounds, matching the interstate limit. Truckers would have no incentive to travel on our secondary roads, leaving them safer for all and reducing the cost of repairs due to overweight truck loads.

The debate would end, and we would have solved the problem here in Maine without an act of Congress.

Jon Young



Congress’s priorities

Once again our elected officials have cut the most basic of social programs that assist the poor, working poor and homeless. Yes, the jobs bill was passed but tucked into this bill is a significant cut in the food stamp program.

Before such appalling cuts are made to programs that assist America’s poor and working poor, I propose that all members of the House and Senate live homeless in the district they represent. They cannot use their homes, money, health insurance, cell phones or vehicles for one week. They may pack a backpack with some clothing, a Bible and perhaps a journal to document what it is like to be poor and homeless during this fact-finding mission.

Each member who participates will receive the $50 per week food stamp allowance.

I witness daily the struggles our homeless, perihomeless and poor encounter. Every day is a fight for shelter, food, health care and recognition.

Anyone can be homeless. Anyone can be poor. To those who truly do not grasp what it is to be invisible to the rest of society, I say that prayer and introspection are warranted. Democrats, Republicans and all citizens must work together to help the poor and homeless.

Please stop working together to hurt our fellow citizens by denying them the basic human right to food. Instead, work together to fix that which is broken for the poor, the homeless, and the perihomeless citizens of the United States.

Linda Colford

Summer Street Health Center



Cutler’s Bangor roots

I have known Eliot Culter’s family all of my life; his father, Dr. Lawrence Cutler, was our family physician for many years. His mother, Catherine, known to many as Kay, was a leader in family and mental health services. The Cutler family was a well-known and highly regarded Bangor family.

I am supporting Eliot not only because of his Bangor roots or his nice family, but because of his plan for Maine and the fact that his experience and expertise will help drive that plan into action.

Eliot’s plan calls for lowering the cost of living and doing business in Maine by lowering the cost of energy, health care and government. We all can understand how these high costs are keeping jobs and investment away from Maine.

Eliot’s passion for education in our state is vital to our future success. It is Eliot’s goal as governor to be sure that all Maine students are afforded an outstanding education from prekindergarten through college right here in our state.

There is a strong tradition involved with being a Mainer, and it involves approaching our challenges with straight talk and common sense. We need a leader who will govern from the center, where most of us are, not at the extremes of the other candidates.

Eliot Cutler understands this. His love for Maine may have begun in Bangor, but it extends to all corners of the state.

Connie Schiro-Kelsey



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