Here are some of our coverage plans for the day. Beyond serving as coming attractions, this feature is an opportunity for you to comment on our coverage choices, suggest sources, ask questions or share your knowledge in order to help us keep everyone better informed.

We’re calling this “The Daily News Meeting” because the list is generated from the 10 a.m. planning meeting BDN editors conduct each weekday.

Keep in mind that due to the uncertainties of reaching sources and the need to cover breaking news every story listed may not be published today.

For Wednesday, Aug. 18:

Independent gubernatorial candidate Eliot Cutler will be in Bangor today to outline his vision for restructuring the state, should he be elected governor. Reporter: Eric Russell

• • •

The Camden Select Board will hear the recommendations from its Ragged Mountain Wind Committee tonight about a proposed wind power project. The project affects three towns. Reporter: Heather Steeves

• • •

The Legal and Veterans Affairs Committee is meeting to discuss how the money from Hollywood Slots is divvied up. Maine is the only state in the nation to divide slots revenue like it does. Reporter: Kevin Miller

• • •

The loss of two major carriers has caught up to Bangor International Airport’s bottom line. After posting moderate passenger increases in 2009, the numbers have come back down a bit from where they were. Reporter: Eric Russell

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