Here are some of our coverage plans for the day. Beyond serving as coming attractions, this feature is an opportunity for you to comment on our coverage choices, suggest sources, ask questions or share your knowledge in order to help us keep everyone better informed.

We’re calling this “The Daily News Meeting” because the list is generated from the 10 a.m. planning meeting BDN editors conduct each weekday.

Keep in mind that due to the uncertainties of reaching sources and the need to cover breaking news every story listed may not be published today.

For Tuesday, Aug. 17:

Cathy Mumford of Colts Neck, N.J., is finishing the final leg of the 740-mile Northern Forest Canoe Trail today at Riverside Park in Fort Kent. We’ll talk with her and her family about the journey. Reporter: Julia Bayly

• • •

More and more college students are turning to the Internet to shop for the best prices on their textbooks. Campus bookstores are offering many options, including textbook rentals. Husson College and the University of Maine are among them. Reporter: Judy Harrison

• • •

The deceit, the trickery, the blackmail and the sexual politics of Shakespeare’s “Measure for Measure” were the themes kicking around in Jeffrey Frace’s head, while he was thinking about his upcoming role as director of the play at the Stonington Opera House. The show opens on Thursday, Aug. 19. Frace talks about the play and his interpretation of it. Reporter: Emily Burnham

• • •

The Senior League World Series will continue this week at Mansfield Stadium in Bangor with eight baseball teams from around the globe competing, including a local club from the host city. Our sports staff will provide in-depth coverage beginning today with a look at the participants.

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