HUDSON, Maine — A fire left burning on a remote island on Pushaw Lake is believed to be the cause of a blaze Sunday that burned a nearby camp, Fire Chief Michael Simmons said Monday.

“It was a camp on a private island that ended up catching fire,” he said.

The grandchildren of Cedar Island’s owner had a fire Saturday night, and “we don’t think it was properly extinguished,” the chief said. “It ended up catching the mossy area [around the fire pit] on fire, and obviously it spread to the camp.”

The Fire Department got the call for help just before 2 p.m. Sunday.

“It was fully involved and with partial collapse when we showed up,” Simmons said, who described the structure as “just a little camp with an outbuilding.”

Cedar Island, a half-acre parcel, is located about a half-mile from the Whitmore Landing boat launch. It is accessible only by boat, so the 20 or so responding firefighters from Hudson, Glenburn, Alton and Bradford had to ferry portable pumps and hoses to the scene to fight the fire.

“Glenburn fire provided one of the boats, and the rest of the boats were [owned by] citizens who actually gave us a hand,” Simmons said, thanking those who helped out.

A Maine Forest Service helicopter assisted by dumping about 20 loads of water onto the scene, Simmons said. No one was injured in the blaze, and firefighters returned to their stations around 7 p.m.