May 24, 2018
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August 16 Letters to the Editor

How we forget

The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were terrible. Japan in August 1945 was a nation run by the military, steeped in the bushido culture. In other words, no surrender. The bombings sobered them up.

In China, at least 200,000 died in Nanking because the Japanese were infuriated by the Chinese resistance. Babies were thrown into the air to be caught on bayonets. Korean women were forced into being “comfort girls,” and Korean males were forced into the Imperial Army.

In the Bataan Death March, 40,000 died, 75 percent of them our Filipino allies who didn’t desert us.

The Hell Ships in the last days shipped the POWs still alive to Japan in Japanese flagged cargo ships. Many were sunk by submarines.

The assessment at the time was our POWs, American, British, Australian and Dutch, would not have lived one more year.

The biggest question from the Chinese, Korean, Filipinos, etc. is, “Why did you stop?”

Fred Rogers



Festival economics

In response to Sharon Mack’s article about the beer tent and dance approved for the Machias Wild Blueberry Festival, I was disappointed in Machias Selectman Glenn Davis’ comment that it would be “refreshing to see some of the money brought into the town for the festival, actually remain in the town, rather than leave in the pockets of the vendors.”

Aug. 20-22 is the festival’s 35th anniversary celebration. The event has grown exponentially since Centre Street Congregational Church, UCC, decided to host the festival as a way of giving thanks for the wild blueberry harvest. I believe that probably 95 percent of the money from the festival remains in Greater Machias.

Many of the vendors are local people who buy their groceries and gasoline every day in Machias. All our motels and B&Bs are locally owned and operated, thus that money stays here. Area restaurants and convenience stores are inundated with the large influx of folks visiting the week of the festival; they have told me that Blueberry Festival weekend is their biggest and busiest time of year. And last, but certainly not least, the money earned by the church is put back into the community through all its various ministries.

It is hard to calculate a dollar figure in looking at the economic impact of the festival, but I do believe that a lot of local businesses, individuals and nonprofits would see a large downward dip in their bottom line if there were no Machias Wild Blueberry Festival.

Ellen Farnsworth

festival co-chair



Knowledge ends hate

I commend Larry Ferrell for his Aug. 9 letter to the editor, “Teach religion history.”

If nothing else, it could teach understanding and respect for religions other than one’s own.

Since religion is at the base of a lot of discord in the world, such teaching, if fairly and honestly done, could ease much misunderstanding and hatred.

Joan Strout



Climate change myth

What seems to be missing in any discussion about wind power is the possible effects it may have on the total energy that runs the atmosphere. In that process, where one form of energy is changed to another, there is a loss in the first form.

So does that mean that as a windmill takes energy from the atmosphere in the form of wind and converts it to another form there is a loss in energy in the atmosphere? Could this loss of energy in the atmosphere eventually cause a change in weather or climate if overused?

There is often no science used when media discuss climate change and global warming. They act as if it is a scientific fact when all data show no definitive evidence of global warming. You will find equal arguments for and against but nothing definitive and no scientific evidence that the idea is valid. Yet the media promote climate change and global warming as if it were absolute fact, when it is far from it.

If you really do the research you will find there is no definitive evidence that we humans are causing any of it.

So why do our congressional leaders even consider legislation that mandate things such as carbon units when they do not exist? It’s either money they want or it’s the liberals who tout global warming as a religion, a faith, and a belief that must be true so they can promote their agendas. How about some facts!

Howard Cutler



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