September 19, 2017
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Should creationism be taught in Maine public schools?

Creationism was the word of the week in the world of Maine gubernatorial politics, so ClickBack seeks editorial page reader comments on this charged topic. Also, ClickBack wades into cigarette smoke, Rep. Charlie Rangel’s ethical problems and the fate of old schools.


The state Democratic Party’s director used Republican gubernatorial candidate Paul LePage’s support for teaching creationism in school, which the candidate asserted during a pre-primary TV debate, to suggest Mr. LePage was “an agent of the Christian Right.” Creationism is the Jewish and Christian belief that God created the Earth, animals and plants, and humans in six days. Though it is a matter of faith, is there a way this theory could be incorporated into a public school curriculum? Can a candidate for governor believe in creationism and also respect curriculums that stress Darwin’s theory of evolution? Is a faith-based understanding of the origins of the world a hindrance to being governor, an advantage or does it not affect the job at all? Extra-credit question: What percentage of Mainers are creationists?


Comments posted at ClickBack may be featured on Friday’s OpEd page.

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