Freedom at last

Big news! Medical marijuana will soon become available!

Therefore, all persons now serving in jails and prisons as a result of using, growing or selling this herb must be released immediately!

Linda Best



Thanks for reform

In the face of party reprisals, a special thanks to Sens. Collins and Snowe for their leadership on the financial reform package.

Some may object to the Senate’s action and call the package “government overreach,” but Alexander Hamilton called the Senate body the “complicated check on legislation [that] may in some instances be injurious as well as beneficial” (Federalist Papers No.62).

Our senators’ actions benefit Mainers and all Americans by protecting our nation’s economy from another Wall Street induced meltdown.

Voters are demanding leadership and solutions from our elected officials. However, the continuing Republican strategy in the procedural blockage of necessary legislation and the acceptance of unprecedented campaign contributions from industry lobbyists will most likely backfire nationally come November.

The hindrance of significant progress — at the expense of those in despair and those who have neither the means nor the education to object — in order to benefit one’s political party or to retain one’s position is one of the most reprehensible forms of tyranny.

In light of these circumstances, one may ask this question of any candidate, “Who are your masters if not your constituents?”

Mike Turcotte



Peace, justice for all

July 17 is the day set aside as International Justice Day, a reminder that constant vigilance is required to assure that the rule of law protects the innocent. We are fortunate that good men from the United States went to Rome, Italy, 12 years ago to meet with an Assembly of States Parties to prepare for an international court. Barriers of many languages and cultures were overcome to create a framework for prosecuting those charged with massacres, genocide, crimes against humanity.

In Maine, our judicial system acts to keep dangerous drivers off the roads and convicted criminals behind bars to assure peacefulness and safety in our neighborhoods. Now warfare has taken Maine men and women thousands of miles from our forests and shores, challenging our understanding of peace and justice around the world.

Decision-makers in our Congress, in print and on-line media can help keep us informed if we let them know of our concern for our country’s taking a positive role in the promotion of peace and justice everywhere. As every family on the globe is somehow connected to every other in 2010, an international court is needed more than ever to support justice for all.

Ernestine E. King

Swan’s Island


Unhealthful food

Obesity in this country is really bad. I feel its cause has a lot to do with the companies that make food — so much fat, sodium, etc. Fast food is awful.

There has got to be regulations on foods because it mostly affects children and those of lower income levels. They can’t afford most of the better foods.

I’m single, so it makes it easier. Also, the fast food companies make their profits from these big fat burgers and servings. It’s like they’re slowly killing all these poor people.

Joan Robertson



Not our guy

I am a legal resident of Orient, Maine. It is where I vote and pay taxes. I also have a residence in Houlton.

BDN reporter Jen Lynds writes excellent, thorough articles, but I wish she would stop calling murder suspect Thayne Ormsby a man from Orient. His legal residence is probably Ellsworth since that is where he went to high school, but it isn’t Orient. He claims to have started living with his girlfriend sometime after Memorial Day.

Elbridge Gagnon



More Acadia

Environment Maine welcomes President Barack Obama and his family to Acadia National Park for their summer vacation. The Obamas will get to enjoy the scenic charm of the park’s carriage roads and the stunning view of Frenchman Bay from atop Cadillac Mountain.

But President Obama must take action to ensure that Acadia is fully protected. Nearly 1,000 acres of privately held land inside the boundaries of Acadia National Park are threatened with development, and the park does not have the resources to purchase this land.

When the President concludes his vacation and returns to Washington, he should ensure that Acadia has the resources necessary to purchase the privately held land inside the park as they come up for sale.

That way, the Obama family and families across the United States can enjoy our treasured park now and far into the future.

Kristina Dumas

Environment Maine



Unstimulating visit

One valuable July weekend has been lost for a mini business in Maine.

Wednesday night our craft show (Penobscot Valley Craft Association) that is held yearly in Bar Harbor was canceled because police closed the road. All that preparation in vain!

No previous warning was given, the show had been paid for, advertising sent, all because the one who is so concerned about stimulating the economy has come to town. The road is closed in front of College of the Atlantic where the show was to be held. The money spent is not refundable, so they tell us.

Does anyone think ahead of the impact of these closed roads on restaurants, motels and small business people?

Beth Fewell



Wool and oil

The Science Squad summer camp at the Maine Discovery Museum cares about our ocean and the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. We made a pretend oil spill and experimented with different methods to clean it up. We found that natural wool fibers worked the best to clean up the oil without taking out all the water.

We hope this helps the workers in the gulf to clean it out. We hope the government will let us know if we can help.

Science Squad Campers

Maine Discovery Museum