Has Sarah Palin turned her back on elected office?

Posted July 02, 2010, at 3:37 p.m.

A year ago, just before the Fourth of July weekend, Sarah Palin resigned as governor of Alaska, saying she had other goals and that she could be more effective achieving her political agenda outside of elected office. Many pundits believed she was positioning herself for a run for president, yet since then, she has focused on activities that earn big bucks — a contributor to conservative Fox News, hosting a TV show on the TLC network, writing books and speaking engagements. Has Ms. Palin accepted the role of influencing politics from the outside, or is she merely biding her time until 2011 to begin a campaign for the Republican nomination for president? What do you make of the polls that show 52 percent of Americans finding her unfit for elected office? Would she have a chance against President Obama? To whom does she appeal, and why? Will the Tea Party propel her into office?