July 19, 2018
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May 27 Letters to the Editor

Independents, awaken

The primary election is June 8. Independents, awaken! There is a huge percentage of us “unenrolled” voters in Maine; voters not registered as either Democrats or Republicans. This election year, I would encourage unenrolled voters to engage in this election sooner, not later. If independents sit back and wait to see what the primaries produce, come November we may find ourselves without the choices we were hoping for.

Unenrolled voters can register for a party and vote in the primary right up to and including election day. If there is a candidate you would like to see emerge from this primary season, then it is worth your effort to register and vote. If desired, voters can “un-enroll” after 3 months.

As a former member of the King administration, I love being an independent. For this election, however, I have registered as a Democrat to support former Maine attorney general Steve Rowe in the primary.

West Point graduate, army veteran, MBA, UMaine Law Degree, 16 years of private sector experience at Fairchild and UNUM, legislative leadership, eight years as attorney general; his accomplishments are impressive. It is a false choice to say we have to pick between business experience and government experience; Steve Rowe has both. And he has the intelligence, integrity, leadership skills and work ethic to bring about meaningful bipartisan change.

Please make your voice heard June 8; I have already voted for Steve Rowe for governor.

Christina Breen



Student for Abbott

I am a student at the University of Maine. Recently, many of my friends and I attended the Republican convention in Portland to show our support for Steve Abbott for governor.

We love Maine but we are concerned that when we graduate, we may not be able to find jobs here.

Steve Abbott wants opportunity for all Mainers including the next generation. He will work hard to bring health back to Maine’s economy so that we can all fulfill our dreams of living and working in Maine.

Please join me in voting for Steve Abbott on June 8.

Eliza Woodcock



Otten is champion

I support fully, without hesitation or reservation, Les Otten as the right leader for our times to be the next governor and CEO for the state of Maine.

The hemorrhaging of jobs has stolen the economic security for our grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren — all of us. And so job growth is the key to a turnaround. It is that simple, in my humble opinion.

I want jobs and Les Otten is the governor who can get the job done.

It’s like a recipe; everyone has a few recipes on their bookshelves to choose from. Parents, neighbors, grandparents, etc. have offered much to us, the best of their best. You can read it, think you understand, and thus try to recreate the end products, like Mom. Only a few end up as blue ribbon champions and Les Otten is a blue ribbon champion for Maine as governor.

With the will to fight and scrape for every single job, Les Otten has leadership and businesses savvy unmatched by any candidate on either side of the aisle.

I ask to you to consider Les Otten for governor. He may be the best ingredient you can add to our recipe for success in Maine.

Steve O’Connell



Start early

I was disappointed to read the poor report of Maine’s reading scores for fourth-graders. I feel I have a pretty balanced experience with public school systems, as both my children attended public schools (here in Maine and in Tennessee) for their entire educational experiences.

My daughter is a teacher, my son-in-law is a teacher and my daughter-in-law is a teacher, so I know the demands placed on educators and am well aware that the public, when reading reports like this, think the teachers must do more to bring up reading scores.

However, my oldest grandchild, who just turned 7 years old, is reading at a 7th-grade level. Her younger sister, only 4, has also been reading for months. These exceptional reading abilities were not taught by any school system; they were taught at home by their parents.

I realize families are busy these days, and it’s hard to find time to spend with the children, but in light of this report, I just wanted to make a plea: Parents, please take time to read to your kids. If you can’t afford to buy books, use the wonderful public libraries we have here. If parents don’t have time, maybe grandparents or other family members can get the kids interested in books.

The need is obviously urgent. Start early – fourth grade is way too late to be playing catch-up!

Carol James



Election notice

The Bangor Daily News will stop accepting letters and columns related to the June 8 election on Wednesday, June 2. We will stop printing such commentary with the June 5-6 edition. Not all submissions can be published.

Have feedback? Want to know more? Send us ideas for follow-up stories.

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