August 22, 2018
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May 21 Letters to the Editor

Snowe, Collins and START

In April, the leaders of the United States and Russia signed the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. This New START replaces the old START I which expired in December. The treaty takes steps toward reducing warheads and delivery systems of both countries by 30 percent over seven years. It now goes to our Senate for ratification “Advise and Consent” which requires a two-thirds majority of 67 senatorial votes.

The treaty clearly benefits U.S. national security and the security of all global citizens. It has received support from leaders of both parties. The cuts are modest but provide grounds to engage in further negotiations with Russia and set a model for the rest of the world.

Ratification is our chance to increase U.S. credibility and promote broader international cooperation on other issues in the future. Because the treaty needs 67 votes in the Senate, it requires the endorsement of key Senate Republicans. If ratifying the New START falls victim to bitter politics, the U.S. will forfeit its ability to be a global leader on many fronts at this critical time.

I call on Maine Sens. Collins and Snowe to vote for the New START and to exercise their leadership in quickly marshaling additional Senate support for ratification.

Jean Adamson

Maine Chapter of Citizens for Global Solutions



Impressed with Rosa

On May 11, I had the privilege of meeting Rosa Scarcelli, Democratic candidate for governor, at the Rotary meeting in Machias. Simply put, I was very impressed.

Rosa is a very positive and observant businesswoman and she is very conscientious about decreasing cost burdens statewide. She wants to improve the Pine Tree State’s economy so it is vital, competitive and strong once again.

Rosa says she will evaluate each and every program across the board, whether it be education, DHHS, wildlife, etc. She will make changes in how Augusta operates at every level. That’s a good thing!

Rosa will look into feasible and intelligent alternative energy sources and usage. At present, Maine ranks near 47 percent above the USA energy rate, overall.

Rosa wants to put Maine back in the limelight to attract and keep businesses here. Rosa wants to make sure our high school and college graduates will be able to stay in Maine and find excellent paying jobs. A brighter future … isn’t that something we all wish for in Maine?

If you really care about our great state, you want Rosa Scarcelli. Go to her website,, and get to know Rosa.

Jim Appleman



McGowan and the mills

Living in a mill town all of my life, it is hard to find a family who hasn’t been positively affected by the mill and its jobs. Numerous towns like mine in Maine rely on the mills to provide income for families. With mills come the uncertainty of whether they will stay open or not. It is essential for Mainer’s to elect the best candidate in next month’s primary to keep the mills open. That candidate is Patrick McGowan.

Pat McGowan is the only candidate running in this race who knows the importance of keeping the mills open and what they will do for Maine’s economy. He has a specific plan for each mill in the state to maximize its profits and help Maine become the front-runner in the nation for renewable energy and paper products. He understands that many of the small mill towns rely on the mill to help boost its local economy by keeping people living and spending in the town. It not only helps the employees of the mills, but it helps the small businesses in the town stay afloat.

Pat understands that we need to connect Maine’s natural resources to the mills to keep resources and revenues in the state and not in Canada. His detailed plans will help keep Mainers employed and help the economy. Ideas like these are why Pat McGowan will have my vote on Election Day.

Jessica Dorr

Old Town


Motivated recovery

Will the day ever come when we, as a society, will say enough is enough to the “Just Say No” campaign? Are we blind as a society and do we just turn our heads thinking this is working when in fact, substance abuse is escalating, and people are not able to make changes by just saying no? Do we think that our youth hear us and are listening? Things are not changing, in fact they are getting worse, and just saying no is not working.

It is time that we look at the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It is time that we treat people with addictions as human beings who are respected, loved and encouraged to motivate themselves to change. As a society we need to encourage people with addictions to take control of their own lives, and with motivational interviewing these changes can happen. The success rate for Motivational Interviewing, developed by Dr. William Miller and Dr. Stephen Rollnick for addictive be-havior, is overwhelming.

Become motivated to change and you will not only say “no” today but you will say “no” tomorrow.

Megann Holland



Toyota tale

To a very cynical eye, the recent flap about Toyota smacks strongly of subterfuge. First came Toyota’s elevation to the top ranking in the world – a position previously held by GM. Next, a few reports of an acceleration problem. A recall, new floor mats, some tweaking of components, and we’re on the road again.

More complaints of uncontrollable acceleration, a family’s unnecessary demise attributable to “sud-den speed,” a massive recall, thunderheads of threatened litigation, a media drumbeat for restitution, recompense, recognition of responsibility, followed by a public apology by a corporate head, frantic fixing of offending parts, a massive fine imposed, a small lull and then – miracle of miracles! – an announcement that GM was once again in first place!

Wow, what drama! The guys in white hats won! The driving public can sleep well again – behind the wheel or elsewhere.

Amid all the hullabaloo, a small item was barely noticed – for several years, Toyota has sub-contracted out the offending component – an electronic accelerator pedal – to an American based and placed company. An American company? Gee, isn’t that the same country of origin as GM? Tariffs come with creative packaging sometimes.

Rick Fayen



Rowe fights for seniors

As the race for the Blaine House heats up, we hear many sound bites regarding the state of our economy, taxes, education, infrastructure and our budget. The one issue that seems to resonate with only one candidate is elder abuse, and that one candidate is Steven Rowe.

Since he first became Attorney General, Steve has embraced the need to protect our seniors who, for whatever reason, find themselves in circumstances that preclude them from protecting themselves and enjoying their rights and freedoms as they should in their later years.

Whether Steve was speaking on other important issues such as teenage drinking, child abuse, access to affordable prescription drugs or domestic violence, he would always pause and remember to include the issue of elder abuse.

Steve Rowe has endeavored to protect our seniors in everything he has done. As Attorney General, he hosted the first of its kind Attorney General’s Conference on Elder Abuse, drawing a multidisciplinary audience of more than 500 professionals and seniors. He adopted within his office Maine’s first Elder Death Analysis Review Team, and he has championed the grass roots protection efforts of some 20 TRIAD’s throughout the state in an effort to ensure senior safety in the very communities in which vulnerable seniors reside.

Maine’s seniors don’t deserve to be forgotten, shelved or abused. They should be acknowledged, revered, respected and protected. Steve Rowe knows and lives this every day.

A vote for Steve Rowe will go a long way toward furthering protections for all of Maine’s vulnerable citizens.

Rick Mooers

Mount Desert

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