May 22, 2018
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Older law could have solved Arizona’s problem

Contributed | BDN
Contributed | BDN

Does Arizona’s immigration law go too far?

No, it does not go far enough. They should also be punishing any business that hires illegal immigrants.


The base problem is that these illegal immigrants are taking jobs that legal American citizens can’t afford to take because they don’t pay enough. The illegals, if and when they are given amnesty, will immediately be out of a job and be replaced by the next wave of illegal immigrants.

Our government should be going after the employers of illegal immigrants and imposing fines or jail time to the top executives of said companies. This would end the need for that useless fence they are building across our southern border.


If the feds can’t do their job, that means somebody else has to.

As for racial profiling, get real. If somebody looks Mexican, there is a chance they might actually be Mexican and might be in this country illegally. If it is illegal to use common sense to profile people, then where do we go from here?

Bravo Arizona! More border states should follow your lead, considering the feds won’t take a stand.


This is completely un-American.

Arizona has a law on its books that would eliminate this problem at its roots and the roots are the businesses hiring these folks. Who could blame any Mexican for trying to escape the political corruption and drug-fueled (our fault too!) madness for a promise of a good paying job north?

Arizona was the first state in the union to make it a law that all businesses use E-Verify to screen employees. E-Verify has been 94 percent accurate in flagging illegal workers. Yet only 6 percent of businesses in Arizona are complying. Why? Because it’s cheaper to hire an illegal worker. Now we get to hear John McCain telling us how this is an issue of national security and blaming it on Obama.


It’s all about racism, pure and simple. Before we elected a black president, we never heard of Birthers or the Tea Party or saw white men running around brandishing their guns or yakking about “taking back the Constitution.”

George Bush is the president that invaded our privacy with the Patriot Act and started two illegal wars. He’s the one who sunk trillions of dollars into war instead of taking care of the problems of this country. He and his buddies had eight years to solve the illegal immigration problem. Instead they chose to line their pockets and are still doing so.

Now our legally president has to clean up all sorts of messes.


Those who make the argument that the federal government has not done enough are partially correct; however, the Arizona governor has left one vital piece out of that argument. Arizona already has a law on the books making it illegal to hire undocumented individuals, but Arizona has chosen not to enforce it.

This bill is a cop out. Enforce the laws that already exist there and get this “Show me your papers” law off the books as it violates lawful citizens’ 4th amendment rights.


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