UNITY, Maine — Unity College welcomed students from across Maine over the weekend for a training session on how to help communities reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy security.

The Sustainability Training Institute was attended by more than 30 students from 12 Maine colleges and universities, according to a press release. Participants were selected on a competitive basis to represent their institutions. Workshops were held on topics including greenhouse gas inventories, community-based weatherization programs, renewable energy technology and creating change in communities.

Presenters included Charlie Wing, co-founder of the Shelter Institute, and Jamie O’Connell of ICLEI, an international organization that helps communities plan for sustainability.

Unity College professor Doug Fox, director for the Center for Sustainability and Global Change, said the seminar was inspired by Unity students helping in the local Neighbor Warming Neighbor program.

“Bringing student energy and focus to bear in partnership with community organizations to find local solutions to global warming is exactly the kind of education we need,” Fox said in the press release.