May 29, 2020
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Feb. 25 Letters to the Editor

Kudos to Collins

I want to give kudos to Sen. Susan Collins for telling it like it is.

The Department of Justice made a big mistake on Christmas Day when it decided to read a suspected foreign terrorist his Miranda rights without consulting top intelligence officials.

Unlike what the Obama Administration argues, the Miranda rule is not a constitutional requirement. The decision whether to Mirandize this terrorist should have been made after a thorough interrogation about possible future terrorist attacks and it should have been made after consulting with intelligence agencies.

Duane Wardwell



Illuminated looking

When I was a kid I used to get Bazooka Bubble Gum at my Uncle Sonny’s store. In every piece of gum, there was a little cartoon featuring Bazooka Joe. In one, Bazooka Joe helps a man searching for his car keys under a streetlight. While searching, Bazooka Joe asks where he dropped his keys.

The man points to the dark side of the street. Joe, now puzzled, asks the man why he is looking under the streetlight. The man replies: “Because the light is better over here.”

I flew with a large party shortly after the tragedy of 9-11, and have flown many times since then. At no time have I been checked in more than a cursory way.

I am not a Muslim, nor do I wear the attire, but if I were reading a flight passenger list I just might pause when I got to a name like mine.

As a proud American I understand that if you have had a fox in your henhouse, it makes sense to pay attention to all things curious, but you should also keep an eye out for small red furry carnivores.

A recent letter to the editor written by Dr. Bruno has taken some grief here and online for his brief thoughts on airport security. I think he was simply saying that it makes little sense for the PC police to cry foul, when you are simply trying to look for your keys where you dropped them.

Michael El-Hajj



Boost Belfast center

A Belfast civic center is on the horizon, and none too soon. The idea has taken some 30 years to come to fruition, and though I live in Swanville, I would gladly help pay for a venture that would benefit us all.

Belfast residents seem excited about a civic center, so why aren’t we moving forward? Progress is mired in fear over the costs of such an undertaking.

Camden offers a relatively large downtown concert hall where everything from ballet and global consortiums to variety shows can be presented; though not so convenient, it also has the outstanding Strom Auditorium. It is not just the presenters who benefit from these venues, but also restaurants, hotels, shops, gas stations and the Camden image in general.

Were we to possess a viable civic center, Belfast too would be a formidable destination and draw more tourists. A renovated Mathews Bros. space also would provide seating for up to 500.

These are facts: Art centers improve local revitalization; tourists seeking entertainment spend approximately 36 percent more money than other tourists; developing an events facility would provide new jobs, both in the remodeling phase and in operation; culture venues generate $7 in revenue for each tax dollar invested.

In brief, we would bring in much more than we would spend.

It’s time to quit making excuses why we can’t afford a civic center. By restructuring the old Mathews Bros. building, we can be both “mean” and “green.”

Lila Nation



A fall through ice

I fretted for years when my husband and son went snowmobiling or ice fishing, fearing they would fall through the ice. I tried everything to help them float, should they go through — regular life jackets, thin self-inflating life jackets; always the items were too bulky, tight or impractical.

Then I discovered that fishermen on the ocean and game wardens wear special jackets and snowpants that are built to float should they fall into the water. Because the clothing is made for hard, physical work, it is manufactured for practicality and comfort.

We set up our two outdoorsmen this Christmas and it’s been a great decision. They like the clothing and I feel they are safer crossing the lakes. We purchased our items at Hamilton Marine in Searsport, although this clothing can probably be found at most commercial fishing supply stores or over the Internet.

One last item, if the wardens are interested, would be to offer survival courses to the public for exiting the water onto ice (is it easy, or are there hints that might be helpful?) and how to care for an individual or oneself afterward.

Tammera Fenn


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