ROCKLAND, Maine – The Maine Department of Transportation is working at the site of the 65-foot deep sinkhole on Old County Road in Rockland today to determine how to best fix the road.

Officials say the road will be in working order in a few weeks, but are not sure yet what work must be done.

The MDOT used radar Monday to determine where other possible sinkhole sites might be. The radar can detect hollowness under the tar.

MDOT workers also determined how deep the sinkhole is – about 65 to 70 feet – according to Mike Burns, the acting bureau director of maintenance and operations for MDOT.

“We expect it will get bigger at the top as the gravel keeps falling in,” Burns said Monday.

A tunnel runs under the sinkhole, and according to Burns, another tunnel opening is nearby.

“We’re trying to understand what we have and create a solution,” he said. “We want to make sure the road is in good shape.”

He said he hopes to have a plan in the next two weeks.

He said MDOT is looking for a permanent solution to the damage, not a temporary fix.

The Knox County Emergency Management Association has put a chain-link fence around the site to keep people away. Town officials also are asking people to stay away from the site.