I was greatly saddened upon learning of the passing of Phil Ward on Oct. 2, 2009. Phil was a rare individual with a positive outlook and a great love of life. He was always available to assist anyone in need of help with a project or good advice. He had a wealth of knowledge, which he willingly shared.

Over the years, nearly 60, Phil and I, along with Bert Goddard, have played many golf courses along the East Coast from northern Maine and New Brunswick to Naples, Fla., where we enjoyed good companionship. I hope that I can remember all of the different golf grips that he displayed!

Phil was a dedicated employee of the Bangor Daily News and we often discussed the various challenges of our work. I found him to be very concerned of his co-workers’ welfare and he had much respect for the Bangor Daily News organization.

Needless to say, Phil loved the game of golf and the social interaction that goes with the play. I think that he played more rounds of golf at the Bangor Municipal Golf Course than any other person since the course opened. He will certainly be missed by all of his friends who play golf at the Bangor course.

Whenever I visited Bangor, Phil always welcomed me by including me with his golfing friends as if I belonged to the group. His friends became my friends.

Thank you, Phil, for your friendship over the years. I will miss you and I share in the loss with the Ward family. You were a true friend. I know that you are somewhere helping or advising some other spirit in need!

Yours truly,

Albert Noyes

Timonium, MD

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