June 24, 2018
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Jan. 15 Letters to the Editor

All are complicit

In our society, we have set up shelters for women who need to avoid abusive and violent relationships. We also have a system of Homeland Security for dealing with individuals who are a threat to our national security. Amber Cummings and her daughter certainly qualified for sheltered protection from abuse, and her husband certainly qualified as an individual who should have been investigated as a terrorist.

She had time to consider the nonviolent alternatives that society offers: fleeing to a shelter, filing for protection with the police and the courts, reporting her husband’s activities to the authorities. Instead she chose murder. I wonder if the BDN’s Jan. 9-10 editorial, “Gender Sentencing,” might be more aptly titled “Homeland Security-Style Sentencing and the Suspension of the Rule of Law.”

Did Amber Cummings walk free because of her gender or because her husband was suspected of terrorism?

The editorial suggests that there are gender differences in temperament, motivation, physical prowess and behavior. It also suggests that a female can be fiercely (and in this case, murderously) protective of her offspring. It refers (without citation) to data that “men are statistically more likely to physically abuse women.”

If we widened the data base to include all instances where a parent has physically abused a child, or the state has physically abused males (and more recently, females) by conditioning them to believe that killing for God and country is noble, or that sport killing of animals is pleasurable, we would simply uncover a tragic culture of violence in which all of us are complicit.

Larch Hanson



Governor’s influences

What’s missing in the Jan. 7 article, “Pursuing political favors,” is that Gov. Baldacci also included a refundable earned income tax credit for individuals and families with low-income. A refundable EITC had been proposed earlier in the session, but it didn’t garner the necessary support to move forward.

The governor’s inclusion of a provision that benefits individuals and families with low income illustrates that you don’t necessarily have to have deep pockets, a “long-standing relationship with the governor,” or a high powered lobbyist to be heard.

Kathy Moore



Road salt woes

In recent years, Maine’s Department of Transportation changed the chemicals it applies to our roads and highways during the winter months. Am I the only one who has had to replace brake lines, fuel lines? Every three years or so these chemicals eat through the lines.

Has anyone had to have their vehicle repainted because of these chemicals? New vehicles less than five years old are experiencing these failures. My neighbor’s pickup is off the road now due to rust eating through the frame resulting in the frame breaking.

With the cost of vehicles in the $20,000 to $50,000 range, why are we using chemicals that destroy our vehicles so rapidly?

I’d appreciate people telling DOT of their experiences.

Tom Deschaine

Presque Isle


Stop the draft

I’m writing this letter to announce that I will not be a candidate for governor in the upcoming election. I know this comes as a shock to my supporters, but in light of the fact that almost everyone in the state is throwing their hat into the ring, I find it necessary to make this announcement.

If you are thinking right now about a “Draft Carusi” movement, please do not do that. I will not accept a draft. My profound apologies to all my supporters, and good luck to all those who are running.

Cindy Carusi



The joy of dance

The BDN’s Jan. 13 article, “A grinding halt to BHS dances?” spoke volumes to me.

We have two sons ages 10 and 13 who started dancing swing and ballroom dancing two years ago in Eddington, and they, along with their friends, love to dance. Dances in my youth were such a huge part of socialization at school, so I feel having no dances would hurt students. My husband and I signed up for swing and waltz dance lessons after a social event at church brought dance instructors there to give a short lesson.

Through having children, my passion for helping kids has been great; therefore when the opportunity arose to help teach them to dance came along, I jumped at it. My personal goal is to get kids to actually dance at a dance, not stand around, or dance inappropriately. Maine is so far behind the latest trend, which truly is learning to dance swing, lindy-hop, waltz, cha-cha and other ballroom dances.

Dancing is lots of fun and great exercise for the body and mind. I hope to be able to change the way kids see dancing one kid at a time as we are making a difference right here in our own backyard at the Meadowbrook After School Dance Program. Dancing, in my opinion, should be part of physical education classes at all schools. What a wonderful thing to pass on to our children and create a lifetime of fun.

Selina Lufkin



Reverse the fall

On Nov. 4, 2008, America experienced the ultimate Thelma and Louise moment. With the mainstream media hammering home doom and gloom virtually every day of the Bush Administration, except for a few days following 9-11, it’s no wonder that a majority of voters gladly took the leap. Now as the canyon floor is racing up at us, we’re hearing terms tossed about by the so-called “East Coast elite” such as “buyer’s remorse.”

As we race toward this “fundamental transformation” of our country, a country that none of our forefathers would recognize, we’re beginning to grasp for anything that will stop our fall. Despite media reports to the contrary, there is no doubt that our nation is still the envy of the world.

Who knows if there’s any chance we’ll survive this suicidal leap. There are glimmers of hope, however. The nationwide tea party phenomenon, the third party candidate effort in upstate New York, the Scott Brown “miracle in the making” in Massachusetts, the historically unified Republicans in Congress and perhaps the greatest of these, the awakening of the American public to the leftist agenda, much of our mainstream media is not even attempting to hide any longer.

We are long past any opportunity to reason with this administration in an attempt to soften the blow. It won’t work. This administration is bent on transforming our country to what a handful of Saul Alinsky followers believe it should be. Only a miraculous effort to reverse our fall to the canyon floor will save us.

Go Scott Brown!

Charles C Feaga Jr.


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