June 18, 2018
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Jan. 14 Letters to the Editor

Stimulus didn’t work

The federal and state government needs to be held accountable for the financial and economic crisis as a result of chronic overspending, large deficits and increases in entitlement programs.

President Barack Obama and Gov. John Baldacci praise the $787 billion economic stimulus package with the hopes it would create jobs. The Labor Department announced that the unemployment rate remains at 10 percent nationally. More than 2.5 million Americans have lost their jobs since the stimulus package was passed by our elected officials.

Is the government the best vehicle for creating jobs and fostering economic growth? The simple truth is that government can’t spend money without taxing it out of the economy or issuing debt. The idea that you can create jobs through government spending is wrong.

The stimulus package actually has the opposite effect because you remove revenue and wealth from small businesses and working families. The tax revenue is distributed by the federal and state government inefficiently to reward political favors by well-connected special interest groups and corporations.

Given the government’s record of mismanagement of programs, the people of Maine should be far more skeptical about the government’s ability to solve problems with higher spending, new entitlement-welfare programs and higher taxes.

H. David Cotta

South China


Rude awakening

I’m responding to a letter by Les Simon of Jonesboro that ran in the BDN’s Jan. 8 edition. Titled “At stake in health bill,” it castigated Sen. Olympia Snowe for opposing the health insurance reform legislation now before Congress. Here’s the line that got my attention: “If she were to listen to her constituents, really hear their cries, feel their despondency, she wouldn’t hesitate to stand firm for free health care for all.”

Are there really people in Maine who think that the bill, if it passes, will provide free health care for all — for everyone in the country? Do they believe that doctors should work free of charge and that hospitals should never be paid for their services? If that is the expectation of people who support this plan, they are in for a rude awakening. In their utopian world, doctors would refuse to practice medicine and hospitals would go out of business.

Most Americans reject this bill for a variety of reasons. For example, it will increase all insurance premiums because of new taxes and mandates; remove $500 billion from Medicare; and require, under threat of fines (which, left unpaid, could lead to imprisonment), that all citizens buy health insurance. A majority also objects to the flagrant and costly bribery of Democratic senators to get their votes. And we suspect that, in the long run, this massive new entitlement will bankrupt the nation.

People who support the appalling Obama-Pelosi-Reid scheme need to get a handle on the facts. Free health care does not exist.

Rep. Henry Joy



Coyotes not native

This is in response to the BDN’s Jan. 6 editorial “Coyote Logic,” which was full of half-truths and wrong assumptions. I am 63 and I have roamed the Maine woods since the age of 8.

First, the coyote is not native to Maine and is devastating to our ecosystem. Just 45 years ago the Eastern coyote didn’t even exist. Wolves and coyotes lived for many thousands of years without creating this hybrid, so I would not rule out science.

We had many years of deep snow in the past but the deer would herd together and pack down the snow. I watched a deer yard on a local pond be wiped out when the coyotes first came here. All our lakes had numerous skeletons on them. When the deer were slaughtered the coyotes started on rabbits, muskrats and even foxes.

Every camp used to be full of hunters in the past and now many of them are falling down from disuse. This little town used to tag well over 200 deer when I was young. Now they are lucky to tag 30.

If coyotes are not the problem, why did the rapid decline of the deer population start when the coyote moved in?

Randall J. Ripley


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