GREENVILLE, Maine — Greenville Steam Co. a 19-megawatt biomass facility, has changed ownership.

The business, now called Gallop Power Greenville, is a subsidiary of Dallas-based clean energy firm Tang Energy.

NextEra Energy, the former owner, closed the plant in late March 2009 when it decided to place it on the market. That move left more than 20 employees out of work.

Gallop Power Greenville took over ownership on Nov. 20, and it has recalled 22 of the former staff members and will add another position soon, according to Paul Anderson, plant manager.

The company burns about 180,000 to 200,000 tons of wood chips a year, mostly from Maine, to make electricity. It receives green energy credits for low stack emissions, Anderson said Tuesday.

“We’re very pleased to have hired back 95 percent of the original employees that were laid off, and we’re working toward getting the plant back into production,” Anderson said.