June 23, 2018
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Dec. 9 Letters to the Editor

Insults and lies

Building nations other than our own is a form of insanity, so when Barack Obama was elected, those of us who voted for him waited expectantly for the giant sucking sound. That would be the sound of President Obama swooshing the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan on the day of his inauguration or maybe the next day or the next week would have been all right. But he hasn’t done that, so we’re depressed about that.

But what do Republicans have to offer? It was a Republican White House, backed solidly by a Republican Congress, that got us into this fix, first with unnecessary ground troops in Afghanistan, followed by a cowardly attack on Iraq. They not only mired us in a couple of trillion-dollar wars, they then passed a series of tax cuts to ensure they wouldn’t be paid for, while preaching fiscal responsibility.

Communist China grabbed a big chunk of the financing but clueless Republicans were seemingly unaware of that until Jan. 20. They probably thought all that lucre came out of the nation’s piggy banks.

In the midst of what they have wrought: failed banks, people losing savings, jobs and homes, a country teetering on the edge of a 1930s depression and a doubling of the nation’s debt. Right-wingers are reduced to doing what they’re really good at: aiming a steady stream of insults and lies at President Obama. All Obama has to do is tell the truth about them.

Morris H. Ward



Just the facts

Being a Vietnam War veteran (1968-1969), I read with some surprise the article “Mainers reach out to man accused of squatting on land” (BDN, Dec. 5) in which you described the individual, Raymond Brouillet, as a 53-year-old Vietnam veteran who has been homeless for most of the past 10 years. The article implies that he served in Vietnam. Apparently someone did not check into his status as a veteran because it is impossible that he is a Vietnam veteran at 53 years of age.

Wikipedia states that the end of active U.S. military involvement in Vietnam was August 15, 1973, with the passage of the Case-Church Amendment by the U.S. Congress. In 1973 Mr. Brouillet would have been 16 or 17 years old depending on his birthday. Even with the military demanding young Americans to serve as cannon fodder in that wasteful, useless war, I don’t believe the American public would have put up with sacrificing 16- and 17-year-olds to appease the military industrial complex.

Please recheck your facts.

James Wade



Stop wasting money

Now we can decide a war is over three years from now, in 2011? I wish I had that crystal ball.

An end date to the war in Afghanistan? I wish we did that in World War I or World War II. Why don’t we just send the terrorists our plans. The terrorists will just move to another country and wait.

There is only one way to fight terrorists. Fly into an area or country, kill them, and fly out. The USA can’t afford to save the world or any other country. In case you haven’t noticed, we are $12 trillion in debt. I just hope that Washington can’t borrow anymore before our children have to learn Chinese to live.

We cannot afford to rebuild other countries, as we can’t even rebuild the USA.

If we fought World War I and World War II like Iraq and Afghanistan we would all be speaking German. Stop wasting our children’s future. What a waste of lives and money!

Dave Call



Help appreciated

The professional firefighters of Bangor, Station 6, were covering our tax dollars and making the holiday of Thanksgiving safe as well as any other time of the year. In particular, Capt. Thomas Higgins and the firefighters on Main Street came to my call when I did not know what to do over a pit bull situation.

I was transporting this young dog of nine months to new owners in New Hampshire when the pup got out of his kennel in the back of my car. I had no idea how to fix the kennel and secure the dog for my trip on Interstate 95. The firefighters made the kennel safe for my trip south. While I was off to be with family over the holiday, they were at their station, ready for any call that might come in for help.

It is good to remember that over the holidays our tax money is being used for the safety of us all 24 hours a day.

Stella Ekholm



Not-for-profit care

Health care should be a public service, not a profit-making enterprise. It should be available to everyone, regardless of their age, income or whom they work for. As President Obama noted in his September address, it makes no sense for health insurance to be based on employment.

However, redesigning the health insurance system now, after decades of reliance on employer-based coverage, would probably be too difficult. So his approach is one I support: allowing those with employer-based coverage to keep it, and providing new ways for those currently outside the insurance system to join it.

I urge Sens. Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe to support the health care reform efforts under way. The plans under consideration go some way toward transforming health care into a public service in the same way as national defense, police and firefighting services.

Ian Marshall

Southwest Harbor


Disturbing view

Ken Horn’s sophomoric interpretation of the Constitution, “Proliferation of guns threatens security” (OpEd, Dec. 4,) is truly disturbing. The gun laws on the books now are already too numerous to fit in the space allotted for this response. In almost every crime where a gun is used there were gun laws that were violated. So, since criminals don’t follow the law, how is passing more laws going to stop them from using guns?

Law enforcement can’t enforce the laws on the books now. More laws won’t stop violence. Just ask Australia, where almost all guns are now banned, how it’s working for them. For the first time in that nation’s history home invasion is the No. 1 crime, because the criminals know that the homeowner is unarmed.

The Founding Fathers didn’t draft the Second Amendment to protect the “States” from invasion from Canada; the Second Amendment protects the individual citizen’s right to possess a firearm for protection against a tyrannical government. Remember, it was the government that was the enemy of our Founding Fathers, which is why they tried to limit it as much as possible.

Also the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines are not a citizen militia. They are the military wing of the federal government. There are citizen militias in Maine, and they have nothing to do with the government.

Jack Long



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