June 20, 2018
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Nov. 4 Letters to the Editor

Bangor council ‘disturbing’

We are deeply disturbed about the utter lack of transparency inherent in the Bangor City Council’s firing of our city manager, Ed Barrett. Ed, a highly competent, loyal, dedicated and honest man, has served the city for 22 years in a profession where most city managers last less than eight years.

Does the council have a hidden agenda? Do some of the council members have something in mind that will hurt the city in the long run, perhaps something that Ed and his highly competent staff have analyzed and recommended against doing?

We urge the council to publicly justify its decision and to let us know which of its members were responsible for instigating this action. If the decision was made to the detriment of the city, we urge them to rehire Ed. We would then also urge our fellow voters to explore ways of removing those council members from office as quickly as possible to prevent further damage to the city.

It seems that we residents of Bangor will have to monitor the council more carefully in the future.

In any event, we want to thank Ed Barrett for his years of invaluable guidance to the city of Bangor. He has been a truly great city manager.

Neil and Suzanne Comins



Milbridge only wants fair share

Milbridge has been subjected to the very unhappy characterization of being a “race” motivated town. This is a basic untruth! Milbridge is not “race” motivated. For example, it has welcomed the Hispanics who already live here. Ask them.

Milbridge residents do want anyone who owns a building to pay his or her fair share of the town property tax. The present problem is that the Mano en Mano proposed new building will not be taxed at all fairly. Furthermore, the children of the occupants will add to the town’s school cost with no money coming in with which to pay the additional tax. It could be a large extra sum. Each Milbridge resident individually pays a set share, which could be increased.

Many Milbridge residents beside myself would welcome Mano en Mano’s building its proposed house if it would make arrangements to pay a fair property tax. Thus far, they have not. All the rest of us pay our property tax, so we are asking nothing unusual of them.

Milbridge is wicked good, which is the reason for the present push to build a residence so more people can live here. Mano en Mano should do what is needed to pledge a fair amount of money for the property tax on this building. Thus, our community would be further enhanced with good “hand in hand” relationships.

The Rev. Dr. Dana Forrest Kennedy



A sobering thought

Politics apart, I almost choked when I saw and heard Dick Cheney attacking President Obama’s policies on our present situation.

He conveniently omitted that he and the Bush administration over the years got us into this dreadful mess in the first place. Going to war with Iraq at this time was a tragic blunder, and has caused immeasurable harm to our efforts in Afghanistan.

Like the Caesars of the crumbling Roman Empire, President Bush and Cheney sent our legions around the world and ignored the financial and moral corruption in our country. We all know what happened to the Roman Empire.

Those who criticize President Obama in his unenviable task of repairing the catastrophe that faces him should ask what the situation would be like if the previous administration was still in office. A sobering thought.

Roger D. Marshall



Mental health cuts, costs

When Maine deinstitutionalized people with mental health disorders, the state promised to provide emergency mental health services. In the last 20 years, instead of using the savings realized from deinstitutionalization, Maine has either flat funded or cut mental health emergency services.

There is no way to predict or prevent all emergencies. However, when a tragedy occurs, a review should show that every reasonable precaution was taken. Despite the dedicated and concerned professionals working in emergency mental health, the funding cuts have made this almost impossible.

Emergency interventions are conducted, but the community resources and programs aren’t there. Maine is now facing a $200 million deficit. Will emergency mental health funds be cut again?

Jim Alciere

East Machias


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