April 21, 2018
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Oct. 31-Nov. 1 Letters to the Editor

Same-sex couples

Your God has no authority over me when it comes to the issue of same-sex marriage.

Our chosen representatives weighed the issues and made an intelligent, informed decision. Those who disagree with it hope to change my mind with ads and signs.

Homosexuals are not a freak of nature. Every species of mammal practices homosexual behavior. I don’t like the idea of homosexual behavior but it is what it is.

Maine has around 4,500 same-sex households. My spouse and I were given rights over 30 years ago. You want to deny those same rights to gays and lesbians.

There is an estimated two million straight spouses with a traditional marriage involving a gay or a lesbian partner in the United States. The traditional marriage is “one man and one woman” with lovers, mistresses, prostitutes and divorces on the side. Yet opponents of same-sex marriage aren’t saying “one man and one woman only once.”

One cannot be taught to be gay.

The way I will vote on this referendum is based on empathy. All they want is the same rights you have.

The self-righteous people who oppose the law will deny their relatives, coworkers and neighbors those rights. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Denis Santerre



Love the sinner

So many people opposing Question 1 quote from the Bible: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” I would like them all to know, as a Christian, that I love them but hate the sin they live in.

The lifestyle they have chosen is a choice and one that is against what God has intended for all of us. He made us male and female to complete each other and the institution of marriage is there to support this.

Loving another person is wanting that person to understand right from wrong, and not let them do whatever they want. If you let a child have his or her way every time, then they do not learn respect for others or right from wrong. They learn, “I am always right and I can do whatever I want.”

Loving you means wanting you to be in God’s kingdom when this world passes away. God loves you and so do I. It is the sin that is hated.

Autumn Schmeling


Let’s try TABOR

I’m grateful the BDN printed the OpEd by Bill Owens, the former governor and state treasurer of Colorado, who suggests that Mainers vote for TABOR II.

We have been bombarded with ads all telling us how TABOR is a bad thing for our communities, our schools and our state.

We’re told that school teachers, firefighters and law enforcement staff will be cut and we may have to wait for 911 responses in emergencies.

Many of these ads suggest that when Colorado voted this plan into affect in 1992, taxpayers quickly realized they did the wrong thing and that TABOR was then taken off the table and no longer in use.

Mr. Owens writes that “TABOR was enacted in 1992 and its effect was almost instantaneous. Tax burdens and government spending growth leveled off and Colorado’s private sector began to grow. With that job growth came income growth.”

Let’s not believe the scare commercials. Let’s vote in TABOR and at least try something constructive to get this out of control spending back to working within a budget, just like each and every family here in Maine does every day.

Ben Brown



Anderson for council

Early in the campaign season I suggested that competition for city council has allowed voters a clear choice based on style of leadership.

What I bring to the council is the style of leadership that listens more than speaks, looks deeply at cause and effect relationships, looks for common ground on issues, and seeks compromise when possible.

I take time to think about issues and to ask for input from the public and city employees. I believe hasty, impulsive decisions can lead to disastrous unintended consequences.

Nevertheless, there is a time for action.

This past winter when the economy was collapsing and downtown business owners were worried about having the capital to remain in business until the season started, I initiated a revolving loan fund for small businesses. To hasten this process, the council voted to join the Knox County loan pool.

Funds are now available for small business owners.

Over the past 35 years I have been blessed with the gift of many valued relationships. Now I’d like to thank my friends and acquaintances who trust me with the decisions that guide the city.

Trust is a most important quality, not lightly given or accepted, and I am grateful for your faith in me.

Jan Anderson



Case for TABOR

Last year, the people vetoed a tax package that included a 1 percent tax on health insurance.

So this year, despite the people’s veto we get a 2.24 percent tax on health insurance. Inflation is so low that Social Security recipients get no cost of living increase but property taxes in Glenburn went up 10 percent. In Etna they went up 40 percent. Similar tax increases are happening all over the state.

Tax increases of 10 to 40 times inflation are not reasonable or justifiable.

Politicians can be trusted to do three things: spend more money, raise taxes and vigorously oppose anything that keeps them from doing either of the above.

The mere fact that the politicians and special interest groups that benefit from government spending are so against TABOR is in itself a strong endorsement for TABOR. They are scared to death that those of us who pay the bills might have a say in how the money is raised and spent.

TABOR may not be the perfect solution but it is a far better alternative to the tax, spend and tax some more policies that we now have and I will vote for it. It is long past time for the people to have a say.

Timothy Grant


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