June 19, 2018
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Oct. 1 Letters to the Editor

Yes on Question 1

The American family is under attack and those of us who oppose gay marriage are being painted by the press and slick ads as bigots with little understanding or concern for those of a different sexual persuasion. Not so. We are strongly concerned with upholding the centuries-old belief of almost all countries that marriage is be-tween one man and one woman. The issue is not whether or not we like or oppose a certain group of people for I am sure that most gay couples are good people. The ballot issue concerns marriage and if not defeated, would redefine the family and cause further weakness of the basic structure of society. Most established churches preach against gay marriage. This is a moral as opposed to political issue.

Churches not only have a right but a responsibility to address such matters. As a lifelong Catholic, I have never heard a priest use the pulpit to speak against gays or any other group of law-abiding citizens. In both the religious context and in the civil sector, marriage is defined as between one man and one woman. Positive growth and change in society is healthy. This change is not positive. Some states that have put this issue before the people have voted against it. Maine should do the same and vote yes to uphold the natural law.

Ron Cummings



Trash Talk

In response to “Maine towns sending less trash to PERC” by Diana Bowley: “Reduce—Reuse—Recycle,” the mantra of the Maine State Planning office. It’s actually working! Yet on the other hand we need to support the burning of waste by meeting trash quotas or we penalize municipalities. Have no fear, there is plenty of waste being shipped into the state by Cassella Waste to fill up our valuable state landfill space in Old Town.

Here’s the solution. Send some of it to PERC instead and don’t penalize the municipalities. Another good reason to bring in more out-of-state waste — and what a great use of waste, too. What a great form of economic development. Kind of reminds me of the same way we bail out banks in this country, on the backs of the people.

Stan Levitsky



Esplanade Explained

There has been a lot written concerning the Bangor Police Department’s new policy on writing parking tickets, mainly “what is an esplanade?”

I looked up “esplanade” in my Webster’s New World Dictionary, 3rd College Edition, and found the following definition: esplanade — a level, open space of ground; esp., a public walk or roadway, often along a shore.

I hope this will answer people’s questions as to what an esplanade is, so that they won’t park on one!

Lois M. Farr



Same-sex and schools

I don’t think I understand the latest television ad being run by the anti-gay marriage campaign. It features a Massachusetts couple complaining that when gay marriage was made legal in their state, their child was told at school that men could marry other men. Help me out here – wasn’t the school just telling their child the truth? Isn’t that a teacher’s job? I get that this information contradicted what those parent’s believe in, but it was still the truth.

As Maine people know, the schools are not there to further anyone’s religious beliefs, and they are not there to shield kids from the truth. I trust our teachers to know how to deliver information in age-appropriate ways. That is their job. And, by the way, kids who are being raised by same sex couples — they’re out there, like it or not — deserve to see examples of what their families look like too. It will be great to see the people who made that ad go back to California where they came from.

Penny Guisinger



Racism, anti-semitism

Racism — what a hateful word, and equally despicable practice. But being called racist when you’re not is also degrading and insulting. I am sick and tired of being called a racist by President Jimmy Carter, Bill Cosby, Walter Mondale and whoever else, just because I disagree with President Obama’s policies. I don’t have to like his health care plan, the ultraliberal direction in which he’s leading our country, or his arrogance.

None of this, however, has anything to do with the color of his skin. I would welcome any black president who is truthful and truly supportive of our Constitution, but in my opinion Obama is neither.

Anti-Semitism also makes my blood boil. How refreshing to know that many delegations to the U.N. General Assembly Convention walked out on Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s tirade against Israel last night! Why that organization tolerates his rantings at all regarding his insane belief that the Holocaust never happened, that Israel should be wiped off the face of the Earth and that Jews are responsible for every bad thing that’s ever happened is an enigma. Our cherished Christianity has its roots in Judaism.

Israel has as much right to exist as any other country, and we have no right to demand that they give up any more of their land. Land for peace hasn’t worked, as we’ve all clearly been able to see since Israel gave up Gaza.

Rosalie Welch-Johnson


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