June 24, 2018
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Sept. 24 Letters to the Editor

Vote no on 1

Bravo to the BDN for the Sept. 18 editorial “Same-Sex Among Us.” I’ve cringed every time I’ve heard this “schools will have to teach gay sex education and gay marriage” in ads on TV for weeks.

Unfortunately, the editorial will change nothing. These groups will continue to stridently insist that schools will be recruited by gays for “their agenda.”

There are a certain number of people who can’t be bothered to check out facts, but rely on sound bites on TV. My cherished hope is that there are not enough of them to repeal gays’ right to marry.

Please vote no on Question 1.

Cindy Carusi


• • •

It’s not the dogs

I have been reading with interest the stories about the letter carrier in Dexter who pepper-sprayed a small dog.

As a retired postal worker who put in several years as a letter carrier, I’d like to add to the discussion. In my experience, it’s not the dogs but the owners that are the problem. No one believes their dog will ever hurt anyone.

I had the owner of a German shepherd ask me to come “make friends” with his dog. At the time the dog was tied to the garage with a heavy chain.

Every time I walked into the yard to make a delivery, the dog would run to the end of her chain with hackles raised, barking, growling and showing her teeth. And yet the owner wanted me to make friends with her!

In another instance a homeowner opened the door to get the mail I had just delivered. The dog, another German shepherd, ran out the door and the next thing I knew the dog was on my back with a paw on each of my shoulders and the snout right beside my face. All this time the owner was standing on the porch laughing like it was a big joke. Not to me it wasn’t.

I was bitten once by a small dog, running loose when the owner was nearby. That required a trip to the ER for a tetanus shot.

I know the dog in this incident is a small one but in my experience the size of the dog has little to do with the aggressiveness or the ability to cause injury.

Frances Field


• • •

No soap

Regarding the recent BDN business page article: if General Motors’ vice chairman Bob Lutz began referring to his cars and trucks as just that, rather than “product,” he might have more luck convincing the public that GM knew it is in the automobile manufacturing business rather than soap and shampoo.

Geer Morton


• • •

Explain esplanade

Is Bangor Police Chief Ron Gastia going to have signs put up along all the esplanades in Bangor, so those of us who don’t know what an esplanade is will know where we’re not supposed to park?

Jim Haskins


• • •

Conflicting numbers

The BDN’s editorial, “Trillion-Dollar Distortion” (Sept. 9) takes to task “leading Republicans” and hundreds of newspapers and radio and television stations for claiming that the health care reform being promoted by the president “would cost the federal government $1 trillion dollars in the first 10 years.” It names Karl Rove, Republican leaders, and even National Public Radio and The New York Times as those who continue to circulate the “phony” $1 trillion figure claiming this “slopping reporting has, in part, changed the debate over health care reform, making it look more expensive than it is.”

Laughably, the lead story of the next issue was an article highlighting Obama’s speech before a joint session of Congress which read, “Obama said the changes he wants would cost about $900 billion over a decade.” Does the Bangor Daily News differentiate between $1 trillion and “about $900 billion” and does “about” $10 billion make the absolute difference between truth (assuming Obama’s figure is exact) and propaganda for political gain?

The editorial serves not only as a fine example of “sloppy” journalism and further evidence of bias toward the Obama agenda but also makes suspect reporting on related topics in general.

Jeffrey Harden


• • •

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