BELMONT, Maine — A Lincolnville woman faces a number of charges after causing a disturbance at a local convenience store and kicking a sheriff’s deputy.

Harmony S. Palmer, 20, of Stevens Road was charged with terrorizing, refusing to submit to arrest or detention, assault, disorderly conduct and possession of alcohol by a minor after the Thursday evening outburst.

Waldo County Sheriff’s Lt. Bryant White said the incident began when an angry Palmer called the county dispatch center at 5:20 p.m. from Maritime Farms to report that someone had dropped her off there and left with her purse and cigarettes. Swearing and screaming into the telephone, Palmer told the dispatcher she needed a smoke.

Uncertain whether Palmer had been robbed, a deputy was dispatched to the store. When Deputy James Greeley arrived at the store a short time later, he encountered an intoxicated Palmer who still was agitated. He learned that she had been dropped off by friends and was not a robbery victim.

White said Greeley attempted to calm her down, but Palmer continued hollering and cursing him. Greeley warned Palmer she was close to being charged with disorderly conduct, but she ignored the warning and kept swearing, according to White.

Greeley placed Palmer under arrest and headed toward the Waldo County Jail with her. Being placed in the cruiser only enraged Palmer further, White said, and she began thrashing around in the back seat, kicking at the doors and protective cage all the while continuing to curse and holler. When Greeley stopped the car and attempted to place Palmer in leg irons, she managed to kick him in the stomach before he could restrain her.

Once Palmer was secured, Greeley took her to jail where bail was set at $100.