WALDOBORO, Maine — Autopsy results released Tuesday afternoon show that 27-year-old Rachel Grindal died of “sharp force injuries to her neck and torso.”

The state medical examiner’s office provided no further information, other than to verify that the Waldoboro woman was a homicide victim.

Grindal was killed in an attack Sunday night while in a van at the Waldoboro home of Tracey Neild, 32. Neild also was stabbed and was taken to a Lewiston hospital Sunday night. A third woman in the van escaped and ran to a neighbor’s house to call for help.

“There are no new developments,” Maine State Police spokesman Stephen McCausland said in a press release issued Tuesday. “There are additional interviews that are taking place, evidence is being analyzed at the State Police crime lab in Augusta, and more work remains.”

No arrests have been made in Sunday night’s brutal stabbing, which left Grindal dead and Neild in critical condition at Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston, according to McCausland.

A hospital spokesperson said Tuesday that the family had asked that no information about Neild’s condition be shared with the press.

Grindal was driving a white van Sunday night with the two other women inside. As she pulled up to the mobile home Neild is renting on Controversy Lane, Grindal and Neild were attacked and stabbed, police said. The third woman who escaped has not been named by the police.

Neild was taken by LifeFlight helicopter to the hospital, but Grindal’s body remained in the van overnight while members of the Maine State Police, Waldoboro Police Department and Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department investigated the scene. On Monday, the tarp-covered van, with Grindal still in the driver’s seat, was taken on a flatbed truck to the Maine State Police crime lab.

McCausland said Monday that the crime “was not a random act,” but he released no further information about the stabbing, its motive or a possible suspect or suspects. He said police officials think they have identified everyone involved.

A woman who answered the phone at the home of Grindal’s parents Tuesday said that the family isn’t talking to the press.

Chief Bill Labombarde of the Waldoboro Police Department said Tuesday that another incident on Controversy Lane reported in January was not related to Sunday’s attack. At that time, two women said a man wearing a ski mask and armed with a knife entered their van.

“We couldn’t prove or disprove anything that happened on that,” Labombarde said. “We had Fish and Game down, we had tracking dogs, we canvassed the area, we couldn’t find anybody. The witnesses weren’t very cooperative and there wasn’t a lot we could do.”

If the two incidents were related, the chief said, it would have been uncovered during the homicide investigation.

Otherwise, he said that Waldoboro residents shouldn’t be too worried about their safety, even though no arrests have been made yet in the homicide.

“The citizens of Waldoboro should feel fairly confident that they’re safe and that there isn’t anybody out running around doing this,” Labombarde said. “It is a total tragedy, but these incidents don’t occur every day in Waldoboro. Thank goodness that they don’t.”

Maine State Bureau of Identification records for Neild and Grindal show both women have a troubled history.

Grindal, who also had lived in Nobleboro and Brunswick, had convictions dating back to 2001 for theft, possession of drugs and furnishing drugs that led to her serving time in jail.

Neild, who previously lived in Union, Monroe, South Bristol and Portland, according to the bureau, has convictions dating back to 2000 and 2002 for assault, possession of drugs and forgery. She, too, served time in jail.

On Monday, Neild’s employer and landlord, Wayne Brown of Nobleboro, said he never has had a better employee, but that Neild has made poor choices when she has “idle time.”