MACHIAS, Maine — A consultant charged with finding a location for a new regional airport in central Washington County has narrowed the list of prospective sites down to one.

After reviewing more than a dozen locations over the past several years, the top choice picked by Watertown, Mass., consulting firm Vanasse Hangen Brustlin Inc. is an 1,800-acre parcel east of Route 192 that straddles the town line between Marshfield and Northfield. The site is about seven miles north of Machias.

“It is their recommendation,” Betsy Fitzgerald, town manager of Machias, said Friday. “It meets the purpose and need of the project.”

To get feedback about the proposed site, a public forum is planned for 6 p.m. May 12, in Room 102 of the University of Maine at Machias science building, according to Fitzgerald.

The choice of the parcel off Diamond Match Road, a logging access road, was made as a result of a draft environmental assessment completed by the consulting firm last month. It became the top pick, according to the assessment, because of its location and other physical aspects.

The site is within a 30-minute drive of Machias, which is a prerequisite of those looking to have the airport built, and it would have little impact on nearby wetlands. It has been logged so it does not have mature undisturbed forest, and it already is accessible by a road that could be improved. It does not have surrounding high ground that could interfere with air approaches and it would require relatively little grading or bedrock excavation.

Some Washington County residents have criticized the idea of building a new airport, however. They have said that there is not enough development in the area now to justify building a bigger airport and that the expense would be a poor use of taxpayer money. According to federal funding formulas, the Federal Aviation Adminstration would pay 95 percent of the cost of building the new airport while the state and local governments would split the rest. Because of its expected size, the cost of building the airport is expected to be less than $10 million, FAA officials have said.

Besides considering public comments, the FAA has to conduct a full environmental assessment of the proposed site before it decides whether to approve the proposal and to fund the airport’s construction.

Bill Trotter

Bill Trotter

A news reporter in coastal Maine for more than 20 years, Bill Trotter writes about how the Atlantic Ocean and the state's iconic coastline help to shape the lives of coastal Maine residents and visitors....