April 06, 2020
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April 17, 2009 Letters to the Editor

Bush’s life work

Two letters to the editor on Easter weekend about President Bush’s achievements deserve a reply. The good achievements Bush put in place are already being removed by Obama’s evil ways. In office only three days, he changed the Mexico City Policy so that we have to pay $460 million of our income tax dollars for abortion in foreign countries in Africa and South America.

Obama changed Bush’s embryonic stem cell ban so that they can clone human embryos and then kill them and harvest their stem cells, again using our tax dollars, although private financing has yet to find a cure using embryonic stem cells. President Bush supplied plenty of money for stem cell research which has achieved dozens of cures. There is no need to create life and then destroy it. This is barbaric.

Obama gave millions to the U.N. for Planned Parenthood in China so that it can maintain its one child policy, forcing a woman to have an abortion if she is pregnant with a second child. Obama rescinded Bush’s conscience clause rule that allowed health care workers and pharmacists to not have to perform or provide for the killing of unborn babies if it was against their consciences. People of goodwill would stack Bush’s achievements against Obama’s anytime.

Thomas Coleman Sr.


• • •

Obama diplomacy

I would never bow low to a foreign potentate the way President Obama did to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. But I would gladly tip my hat and kiss the hand of Queen Elizabeth, and maybe even gently pinch her cheeks and kiss her forehead as I used to do with my dear departed grandmothers.

At the age of 83 she managed to outwit and publicly humiliate President Obama and his brain trust in a manner which I believe he and they are unable to comprehend. And therein lies a serious problem for us. In an excellently executed public message to our commander in chief, the Queen exchanged a framed picture of herself for the iPod that our best and brightest considered a proper gift to the emotional leader of arguably our closest ally. Tacky retaliation in the grandest terms for the inconceivably insensitive treatment of first Prime Minister Brown and then herself. A swift kick in the rear.

We are ignored by the Russians on Iran, NATO for help in Afghanistan, the Chinese for help with the demented leader of North Korea and the U.N. on everything. Vice President Biden correctly predicted that Obama would be tested quickly.

Iran and North Korea openly taunt us and our allies in NATO and the EU are laughing at us out loud and openly. All we’ve been hearing for the last eight years is President Bush’s cowboy approach was wrong.

It would seem that “hat-in-hand diplomacy” is even less effective.

Jerry Bono


• • •

Boycott PepsiCo

PepsiCo (Frito-Lay chips, Quaker Oats, Tropicana and Gatorade) has recently aired a pro-homosexual commercial in the UK. PepsiCo also donated $500,000 to the Human Rights Campaign, the largest homosexual lobbying group in America, and $500,000 to the Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays.

PepsiCo is attempting to normalize and celebrate homosexuality. It is outrageous that the PepsiCo corporation is attempting to indoctrinate children to celebrate the homosexual lifestyle and using corporate profits to support this radical social issue.

PepsiCo does not publicly advocate for Judeo-Christian family values or support abstinence education, the right to life for God’s preborn children, marriage as one man and one woman or other social issues supported by the majority of Americans.

PepsiCo has chosen to use the profits from the money you and I spend on its products to support radical homosexual groups and the indoctrination of the homosexual lifestyle. I will not purchase products from corporations that advocate for controversial social issues and fund groups that oppose Judeo-Christian family values.

If you are tired of being expected to accept and celebrate values that attempt to destroy Judeo-Christian values I encourage all people of faith and conscience to boycott PepsiCo products until they discontinue their social activism. This Easter, I will resurrect my commitment to American Judeo-Christian values and boycott all PepsiCo products. Please pray that PepsiCo will stop using consumer profits to support the radical homosexual agenda.

Peter Alexander


• • •

Food mistruths

Diana George Chapin’s recent OpEd, “Work toward labels for genetically engineered food,” contains several mistruths about genetically engineered products, especially regarding the need for additional labeling and the regulatory scrutiny already required for these products.

A new biotechnology product that is determined by the U.S. government to be “substantially equivalent” (meaning it has a similar composition and nutritional value to conventional varieties already on the market) does not require a special label, because it is essentially the same — as nutritious and safe — as others foods.

Second, biotech crops are among the most heavily regulated agricultural products with most products going through a development and approval process that can last 10 to 15 years before being commercialized.

Products derived from this technology do not enter the food supply until the Environmental Protection Agency, the USDA and the FDA have determined that they are as safe as conventional crops for consumers, for farmers and for the environment.

Chapin fails to point out that the Bt pesticide has gone through such regulatory scrutiny that it has been certified safe for crops grown under the National Organic Program. Bacillus thuringiensis is a valuable tool that organic farmers use for insect management on a variety of vegetables including sweet corn.

Biotech crops containing Bacillus thuringiensis, such as Bt corn, have been used safely for years to control devastating insect pests without a single documented health or environmental incident.

Robert J. Tardy


• • •

One way out

This is in response to Fred Hirsch’s letter concerning the BDN’s photo showing some people walking on the tracks in the Caribou flood zone.

I would like to remind Mr. Hirsch that when you have a natural disaster situation such as a spring flood due to ice jams on the river, area authorities have the right to stop all train traffic to avoid any possible washout of the bed under the tracks, which would cause a derailment.

Is Mr. Hirsch prepared to deal with that? Has it ever occurred to him that there should be a Plan B?

With the railroad temporarily shut down, the tracks become the only way out for those people who have no other means to leave.

Peter Carminati


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