February 23, 2020
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April 16, 2009 Letters to the Editor

No ‘quality’ of life

People with a heart and conscience were sickened at the alleged acts of abuse on the chickens at Quality Egg of N.E. Quality Egg, indeed. How much “quality” is being passed down to the eggs of chickens who are squeezed into little cages every day of their lives, and then beaten and kicked on top of that? Chickens are not an object to be disregarded. They are living, breathing animals that feel stress and pain.

I urge the stores that do business with egg farms such as this to reconsider. And, I urge the legal system to really do something about this. Please! It’s way past time to help these defenseless animals.

Terrie Mayhew


• • •

Educated conscience

The article “Educators want respectful marriage debate”(BDN, April 8) reported that educators encouraged legislators to support the gay marriage bill regardless of their personal or religious views. Educators are telling adults to forget their beliefs, their moral compass and do what they say.

These educators and their ilk are teaching our children; can you imagine what they urge upon the children without the knowledge of their parents?

To say that the defeat of the gay marriage bill would lead to increased anti-gay harassment is an attempt to intimidate those who oppose the bill. They should have recalled the reaction to Prop 8 in California when it passed. People who supported the one man, one woman marriage were harassed, threatened and made to fear. The people who supported gay marriage, the people of “peace and tolerance” did this when the bill passed.

If domestic partnership has problems with medical or legal issues, then fix them. The issue is not benefits, it is marriage. People can live as they choose, they do not have the right to redefine marriage and intimidate those who believe in traditional marriage.

When interracial marriage was not allowed it was about keeping two different races apart; two different races is not the same as same sex marriage.

Freedom of conscience, moral principles and religion are under assault.

Constance Henkel


• • •

Five big problems

In regards to health care, “you can’t get there from here” due to five basic problems.

One, heaping the massive insurance bureaucracy’s profit and the padded costs at health care facilities on the backs of families struggling to care for their loved ones is a monkey we don’t need.

Two, encouraged by the pharmaceutical industry, the Western medical model is largely based on masking/treating symptoms instead of addressing the causes of disease. It does a great job at repair, but will never support us being healthy nor will it ever be affordable until the focus is changed to prevention and root causes.

Three, our health is not the doctor’s job, it is ours. Until we realize we can learn to care for ourselves and realize that our diet and lifestyle either keeps us healthy or makes us sick, then we will be destined to experience increasing degeneration and unmanageable financial drain.

Four, although you can learn about natural healing and nutrition, unfortunately, it is not possible to achieve health living in our society. Our lifestyle is too sedentary and commercially available food is over processed, laden with additives and contaminants, and is depleted from being grown on poor soil.

And five, in our naive celebration of “better living through chemistry,” we have poisoned ourselves, the air, water and soil. Until we change our lifestyle, replace agribusiness with locally grown organic food, limit plastic, stop burning fossil fuels and clean-up the environment, we will continue to add to the greatest ever planetary extinction rate.

Peter Baldwin


• • •

Who deserves break?

Martin Sheehan and the Maine Heritage Policy Center think tank have got their “thinking cap” on upside down. Keep the excise tax the same on vehicles one to five years old and eliminate it on vehicles older than that.

This is the target audience that needs a break, not your crowd.

Kevin Davis


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