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April 10, 2009 Letters to the Editor

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Shame on WABI

Shame on WABI-TV for the manner in which Craig Colson was terminated. It is an insult to him as well as the audience of longtime viewers.

I don’t know why and how it was decided to terminate him, but it seems a very unfair decision. It certainly was extremely unkind, in fact cruel, that he was not allowed the courtesy of saying a final goodnight to his faithful and supportive viewers.

Good luck to Craig and may there be better days ahead.

Therese C. McLaughlin


• • •

Israel’s selfish calls

Anav Silverman’s Op-Ed column, “In Israel, effects of terror shatter glass, peace of mind” (BDN, March 30), is another successful case of filling the media with Israeli rhetoric. Yet again history becomes a selective subject.

During the critical developing years of Israel’s creation, Jewish terrorists murdered important British and United Nations officials and also massacred many Arab women and children.

Whether Ms. Silverman knows or cares about her own people’s crimes throws doubt upon the value of her article. Either way, when viewed from the more accurate historical perspective, Israeli portrayal of their own suffering and constant calls for peace seem highly selfish.

How much sympathy can one feel for a terrorist who has stolen land? History reveals the “innocent” suffering to be self-induced; resulting in a cry that is really a whine.

Robert McLaughlin


• • •

Fed questions

What is the Federal Reserve doing with your money? Remember the bailout of financial institutions, which cost trillions of dollars — what happened to that money?

First, it should be noted that the Federal Reserve is a private (and very secretive) bank. The Fed was created by Congress. It handles trillions of dollars of our money supply. It caused (or at least enabled) this inflationary bubble that has our economy in a tailspin.

What was the solution in Washington D.C. for our economic woes? Politicians decided to give the Fed trillions more to help out the banks without any strings attached to how this money would be used. And when Congress asks the Fed how the money has been used, the Fed says it’s none of your business.

In fact, Congress has no real ability to audit the actions of the Fed.

However, we now have a solution in HR 1207, the “Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009.” This bill will require an audit of the Fed and its governors. This bill will let us know what the Fed has been doing with our money. Please contact Rep. Michaud and ask him to co-sponsor this legislation.

William Osmer


• • •

Health care fix, stat

I am 54 and recently fought a long battle with breast cancer. For five years I was insured through MaineCare’s Breast and Cervical Cancer Program. After having major surgery to remove the cancer, I was left without any health coverage.

I work full time caring for my son who is 24 and has special needs. I am widowed, with Social Security Survivor Benefits as my only income. I know I should be receiving ongoing check-ups to make sure my cancer doesn’t come back, but I cannot afford health coverage. I also suffer from fibromyalgia, a painful chronic condition I also should be receiving care for.

In these tough times, I fear that more and more Mainers will be without health insurance. I am hopeful that President Obama’s budget that includes funding for health care reform will help get Mainers the health care they deserve.

Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins have shown great leadership in the area of health care and have a critical part to play in the upcoming debate. We will need their help in Congress to pass a health care reform proposal that provides quality, affordable coverage for everyone.

Pauline Sneed


• • •

We bought it

Listening to clamor in the halls of the Capitol about AIG pulling the burlap over our elected heads of state is truly laughable. They and we bought a worthless company to the tune of $180 billion of our tax dollars with no due diligence and no measure of oversight. Now when the company is fulfilling its contractual obligations to employees both here and overseas shouts of, “Commit suicide” and “We should tax them 1,000 percent of their bonus” are coming from Congress.

Here is a news flash: The Constitution will not allow Congress to do this. I am glad our forefathers had the foresight and common sense to protect citizens against individualized retribution from Congress.

This Congress has authorized well over $1 trillion in spending. Guess what was in the bill — the language to allow the bonuses to be paid, language bought and paid for by AIG and others.

I can only speak for myself, but in the grocery store, I compare the price of catsup to find the best value. I am sure most of us do. When one makes a contract either receiving or paying it is binding, but it is also an instrument of personal integrity. Therefore, pay these folks the money owed, then go home and tell your family you screwed up. They will forgive you faster than the voters.

Andrew Durkovich


• • •

Your lips to God’s ears

I am a proud member of the so-called greatest generation, and one of the big pleasures of my life is the comfort of sitting down in my cozy chair and reading the newspaper. I have enjoyed reading the newspaper since I was a small girl. I remember the fun of reading the “funnies” as I stretched out on the living room floor and giggled over oldies such as “Mutt and Jeff,” “Ella Cinders,” “Blondie and Dagwood,” etc.

Now in a world once again in chaos, I escape to my newspaper. I enjoy the Bangor Daily News at my leisure, and can choose what I am in the mood to read. TV is fine but it is far from relaxing these days — lots of talking heads all talking at once and each one outdoing the other with their personal opinions. Very confusing and not pleasurable, is it?

I enjoy clipping out articles and sending them to friends and family in other states. I never miss the charming articles by Rosemary Herbert, written with such a warm understanding of life’s problems, and the comforting recipes of Sandy Oliver, and the well-written commentaries by Emmet Meara, and on and on.

You have a great staff and I think your newspaper is the tops. I have lived in Canada, Australia, Germany and 10 states in the U.S. I have lived happily in the wonderful state of Maine since 1983. I am a “happy camper” to live in this great state and hope your Bangor Daily News is with us a very long time!

Jane Scarlett Hennings

South Thomaston

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