WASHINGTON, D.C. — Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services will receive $19.5 million under the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Water State Revolving Fund Program.

Sen. Olympia Snowe announced the funding this week as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Snowe and fellow Republican Sen. Susan Collins were two of only three GOP senators who issued the passage of the bill.

Snowe emphasized the need for water infrastructure in a letter to the Senate Appropriations Committee on Dec. 22 stating that the projects could “quickly return benefits to local communities and their residents, employ workers in the ailing construction industry, help keep property taxes down, and make positive long-term in-vestments for communities’ continued growth and sustainability.”

The Clean Water State Revolving Fund program provides low-interest loans for water quality protection projects for wastewater treatment, water pollution control, and watershed and estuary management. These projects have been selected for funding, according to Maine Department of Environmental Protection:

— $2,345,000 to Auburn for Perryville sewer separation.

— $1,690,000 to Bangor for Birch Stream storm water management.

— $270,000 to Bangor for street sweeper and in-stream monitoring equipment.

— $87,000 to Bangor for Penjajawoc Stream storm water management.

— $72,500 to Bath for Aspen Lane storm water separation.

— $1,387,884 to Belfast for influent pump replacement and disinfection increase.

— $2,040,000 to Biddeford for Elm Street sewer separation.

— $249,900 to Biddeford for Ray Street sewer separation.

— $273,400 to Biddeford for Pool Street sewer separation.

— $318,500 to Biddeford for Cleaves Street sewer separation.

— $740,000 to Brewer for Jefferson Street sewer rehab to reduce combined sewer overflows.

— $1,500,000 to Ellsworth for maintenance at old wastewater treatment facility.

— $892,000 to Fairfield for sewer separation to reduce combined sewer overflows.

— $1,252,000 to Lewiston for storage conduit.

— $2,500,000 to Limestone Water and Sewer District for wastewater treatment facility upgrade.

— $860,000 to Loring Development Authority for sewer replacement work.

— $1,915,000 to Machias for wastewater treatment plant upgrade.

— $3,000,000 to Oakland for pump station and force main to Waterville.

— $2,980,144 to Portland for Clifton Street sewer separation.

— $2,095,000 to South Portland-Cumberland for Long Creek water pollution.

— $1,865,000 to Winterport for sewer rehab master plan.