STACYVILLE, Maine — Housing shortages — especially in senior citizen housing — are nothing new in Aroostook County.

Now, however, officials in Stacyville are aiming to build more housing for senior citizens on the heels of the town securing funding from a Community Development Block Grant Community Planning Grant from the Maine Office of Community Development.

The $10,000 grant, together with $2,500 in matching funds from the town, will be used to conduct a feasibility study to plan a senior citizens apartment complex. The Upper Valley Economic Corp. pursued the project on behalf of the town.

Jeff Packard, Upper Valley Economic Corp. office manager, said Wednesday that the group will be handling and coordinating other relevant activities that are needed beyond the scope of the study, including meeting with other agencies and developing applications for additional funding.

“We feel this is something that is needed in the community,” he said. “The citizens have expressed a need for it and it is through their efforts that this was made possible.”

Packard said the grant application was submitted last year and after it was approved, the town moved into the project development phase. The town then created a Community Development Advisory Committee to oversee the feasibility study.

This study will be conducted by Northern Maine Development Commission and headed up by Joella Theriault.

The study will have several purposes, according to Packard.

He explained that the review will help identify the most suitable location for the proposed housing complex while helping to develop conceptual building designs and related cost estimates.

The study also will identify issues such as environmental concerns and working to develop a projected funding strategy.

Packard said Theriault already has gathered comment from the community, and the feasibility study eventually will be presented to the public and used to apply to agencies for assistance.