June 22, 2018
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Bounty on coyotes would aid deer herd

Bangor Daily News

Why doesn’t everybody who is whining about the deer population sit and think hard for a minute.

Did anyone think that the coyote has a role in all this? I’m a Millinocket native and my brother and I hunt up north every year. We have noticed an incline in the population of these animals and they hunt and kill only to waste a deer or moose. They will kill an animal today while they are hungry and then leave it. Tomorrow they will do the same thing. It’s a fact! We have seen it.

Why doesn’t everyone stop believing it’s the foresters, snow, and out of state people that are hurting the deer herd up north. Put the bounty back on the coyote like it was in the 1980s. If a true “up north” hunter has been there, he or she would tell you that.

When there is snow on the ground one can see the deer and moose are chased to their death. Not by one coyote but several until that animal is too tired to run.

Terry Hamilton

Sugar Run, Pa.

State funds needed to help Maine’s deer

Over time there have been millions of dollars spent on the bald eagle, millions more on Atlantic salmon, and now a few more million on the lynx.

It has been proven with the wild turkey that if you spend enough money you can restore the wildlife. Over the years the state has received billions of dollars from hunting licenses and taxes on purchased hunting equipment, and yet I have seen no money go into saving our deer.

Just last week I read an article of someone complaining about feeding deer and the deer getting hit by autos. Anyone who feeds deer should be funded by the state. These deer are hungry because there is nothing out there for them to eat. The only woods and cover they have left is the buffers that are left on the side of the roads.

The deer move into these in winter to get a little shelter. In the states where deer are fed and also baited during hunting season and also in parts of Canada where the same happens, there are plenty of deer and they are healthy.

If you want your deer herd back we need to start a feeding program, a bounty on coyotes and a few million dollars of our money used on the herd.

Ken Robinson


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