May 22, 2018
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Jan. 1, 2009 Letters to the Editor

More donations needed

I am prompted to write regarding cutbacks by MPBN and some responses to it in the BDN. I hesitate to write this because of passions aroused by whatever MPBN does.

I, too, am upset by the cutbacks planned for Fort Kent and Calais. MPBN serves the whole state with invaluable programming. No other station provides the diversity, cultural enrichment, education and presentation and analysis of policy and ideas. I know there is some hostility to this. All the more reason to have it and extend it to areas that don’t have such adequate access.

MPBN exists because it is membership-based. No commercials (not many anyway), so it’s free from corporate interests. Some federal, state and grant money, but not much. It’s us, essentially.

I always have been upset during pledge weeks to hear the disproportionate number of pledges coming from southern Maine, few from northern Maine. But everyone could contribute something — even $5. It’s participation that counts, not so much large donations. We all should be in this together to support such a treasure. You may not realize it, but MPBN sets a national standard and is regarded so.

David M. Purdy


• • •

Support home birthing

Bravo, BDN! The recent article on midwifery care hits the mark! It has been long supported by numerous research articles that midwives, both certified nurse midwives and certified professional midwives, provide care to low-risk moms and babies that is just as good or better than “traditional” hospital care.

Home birth has been shown to reduce length of labor, reduce the rate of infections, and reduce the need for Caesarean birth. Yet, when a bill to support the licensure of Certified Professional Midwives went up before Maine lawmakers earlier this year, it was denied. Why, you ask? The American Medical Association had at least five lobbyists pushing to shoot down this bill that could possibly take some revenue away from Maine doctors.

As a labor and delivery nurse, a home birthing mother, and a supporter of certified professional midwives, I sincerely look forward to the day when Maine families are allowed to fully experience what science has shown to be true: Out-of-hospital births with midwives is the way to go!

Annie Von Kres


• • •

No blame in tragedy

I am Beulah Ireland’s son. I would like to thank all who posted prayers and condolences for Mom and Mike Parmigiani, the truck driver, on the BDN’s Web site. (Beulah Ireland was struck and killed by a truck in Lincoln on Dec. 29).

Mom had been crossing that road since 1941 to get her mail, she still filled her wood in the winter and split her kindling wood, and for the past 12 years or more made my brother Doug and I breakfast almost every Sunday morning when we went to visit her. Mom was an extraordinary person.

While waiting for Mom to be removed, I stood to the side and pondered. After they moved the truck, I looked some more, and this is what I think happened. I believe Mike saw Mom move into the roadway to attempt to cross. I believe Mike anticipated her crossing and started slowing down and pulling to the right as far as he could, all the time praying she would turn around and go back. The back of Mike’s trailer was about 10 feet past the mailbox when the rig came to a stop.

The family all thought that when the time came, Mom would pass in her sleep. We never dreamed it would be like this. We do not hold Mike responsible for Mom’s death. We cannot begin to imagine what he felt when he saw Mom under the trailer, and we know this will haunt him for the rest of his life and we just want to cry with him.

Tell your Mom or Dad you love them as often as you can.

Mike Ireland


• • •

‘Mob mentality’

I so enjoy the near-daily nonsensical rants of the Bush-haters on the BDN letters page. They are laughable. Never have I encountered a phenomenon like Bush Derangement Syndrome, in which otherwise rational people will convince themselves of the most far-fetched and ludicrous distortions of fact.

It is a mob mentality. The very same mob mentality that elected Barack Obama, as people were swept up with the media-induced current instead of being focused on the hard facts.

I will watch with curiosity over the next four years to see if these same people will start to pay any more attention to fact. I fear I already know the answer.

Randy Bacon

Randy Bacon


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