DOVER-FOXCROFT – Two men were found guilty Monday of indecent exposure in connection with their naked dip into Moosehead Lake last summer for a free skinny dip sandwich at the Black Frog Restaurant. At the same time, a female acquaintance who had accompanied the men in the naked plunge for the free sandwich, was found not guilty.

Bernard Beckwith, 31, of Poland, Christian Simpson, 37, of Bethel, and Crystal Stilwell, 25, of Bath, had their trials conducted together in 13th District Court Monday since they all faced the same charge of indecent conduct involving the same circumstances.

The trio sought to show that the restaurant enticed people to skinny dip by offering the free sandwich for the naked plunge and that no one inside or outside the restaurant were offended by the nudity.

In the end, however, it was the men’s genitalia that got them into hot water. That the men exposed their private parts to others in a highly public place in the village on a late August afternoon was found adequate to ”likely to cause affront or alarm,” according to court officials.

Although Stilwell’s breasts were exposed as she made her short jaunt to the water, Maine law only recognizes genitalia in connection with indecent exposure. Since her genitalia could not be seen, Stilwell was found not guilty.

Both Beckwith and Simpson were fined $200.