June 23, 2018
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‘The stakes are too high’

Contributed | BDN
Contributed | BDN


A dishonest campaign

The stakes are too high for voters to get it wrong this election. I will be voting for the Obama-Biden ticket because I believe this team is on the right side of the issues and has the right leadership qualities for this time. I am also disgusted by the way John McCain has conducted himself and his campaign.

I understand why McCain strategists believe their candidate can’t win on the merits of the issues. The catastrophic situations we are facing both at home and abroad culminate from the President Bush-John McCain worldview, ideology and policymaking. It’s too late now for McCain to pretend he isn’t a Republican. And it doesn’t excuse resorting to lies, manufactured controversies, phony outrage, petty distractions, risky surprises, scare tactics and smears.

McCain is running a dishonest campaign that is beneath him. He grossly misrepresents Barack Obama’s policy positions and relentlessly assaults Obama’s character. Accusing Obama, a fellow senator, of “palling around with terrorists” and saying he would rather lose the war than lose the election sets a sleazy low in presidential politics. It seems McCain would rather lose his moral standing and good name than lose this election.

By sticking to the same destructive Rovian tactics Republicans have used to win before, and standing by the worst of Bush’s bad policies, McCain has not shown himself to be the maverick he thinks he is. Self-delusion is the saddest lie of all.

Minnette Pereira


• • •

Palin’s divided allegiances

The McCain-Palin ticket is running on the slogan of “Country First.”

The Palins’ history suggests that their sympathies may lie elsewhere. Todd Palin, Sarah’s husband, was a member of the Alaskan Independence Party for seven years. This party’s goal is for Alaska to withdraw from the United States. The AIP’s founder, Joe Vogler, declared, “The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government.” He also remarked, referring to the American flag, that “I won’t be buried under their damned flag!”

Earlier this year Gov. Palin sent a videotaped speech to the AIP’s convention in Fairbanks, stating, “Keep up the good work.”

Our country right now needs a president and vice president to unite our country and not divide it further.

Janice Kasper


• • •

Obama and socialism

A recent editorial from the Wall Street Journal titled, “A Liberal Supermajority” detailed what would be ahead of us if we voted for Barack Obama and continued with this Democratically controlled Congress. The results could indeed be very dire.

With Obama as president, Americans can look forward to pro-abortion legislation, gun control and the Employee Free Choice Act, which would take away the secret ballot when voting for a union. Americans can also look forward to more of the “Robin Hood” or “spread the wealth” agendas.

Let’s hope Americans will enjoy making money that will then be spent by the Democrats the way that they wish to spend it. Obama thinks that spreading the wealth is a fair idea and so, last but not least, Americans can look forward to socialism for the next four years.

Brynn Moulton


• • •

Ayers connection is real

William Ayers bombed the Pentagon. This is a widely known, irrefutable fact. He has admitted it, never repented, and has even bragged that he wished he could have done more. That Barack Obama was only 8 years old when it happened is a specious

argument; Democratic spin. That Obama had to have known about Ayers’ violent past, yet still chose to launch his state Senate campaign from Ayers’ living room makes his ties to Ayers even more disturbing.

If McCain had this kind of relationship to, just for example, an abortion clinic bomber, he would be vilified by the media and the Democrats, and rightly so, and would never have gotten his party’s nomination.

Kenneth Ryan

Blue Hill

• • •

Obama donor explains

Since John McCain and the Republican National Committee appear to have difficulty understanding or believing that those of us who can’t afford to give much still give what we can, let me say publicly, in print, that I’ve donated $50 to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign — $25 in September and $25 in October. It isn’t much, but it’s all I’ve had to give.

I gave it because I believe we need Barack Obama to be the next president of the United States. We need his intelligence, his insightfulness, his thoughtfulness, his commitment and his sense of hope.

As someone only a few years from retirement, I need him to help us through the economic turmoil brought on in great part by the incompetence of the Bush administration; incompetence that has been repeatedly supported by John McCain.

As a father whose youngest son has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia during his business career, I need him to restore the respect for America and for Americans that has been destroyed by George Bush’s policies and pronouncements, so that my child can safely set foot on foreign soil. And as an American, I need him to find us peace with pride and bring our service men and women home from a war that should never, ever, have been fought.

John W. Silvernail


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Sickening pamphlet

I have been sickened by the vitriolic character assassination of Barack Obama put forth by the national Republican Party in this election, but never more so then when I picked up our mail today. In it was a pamphlet quoting the radical William Ayers (but not attributed to him, only saying it was from the New York Times in 2001) with a picture of Barack Obama directly beside it, and a picture of Ayers directly underneath it. The idea, of course, is to imply that the quote is from Obama. The inside is filled with more of the same.

This innuendo-filled pamphlet is not sponsored by a third-party organization; indeed, this pamphlet clearly states that it is “paid for and authorized by the Maine Republican Party.” I hope the good voters of Maine have the sense to see this for what it is — a Rove-like effort to smear an outstanding human being and citizen as well as a desperate attempt to distract the public from the real issues in this election.

Carol Tiffin James


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