ORONO, Maine — A group of Maine Business School professors at the University of Maine — experts in finance, investments, management and marketing — are teaming up to present a symposium for the public on Thursday, Oct. 16, to explain the financial crisis currently hobbling economies throughout the nation.

“The current financial crisis: What does it mean for us?” will be held from 5 to 6:30 p.m. in Room 100 of the D.P. Corbett Business Building. It will address highlights of the crisis, what caused it and what it means for consumers, investors, students and retirees, according to moderator Ivan Manev, associate professor of management.

“The idea is to present a few highlights of the crisis and turn it over to Q&A from the audience,” Manev said. “Possible questions may include how the crisis influences us or is likely to influence us. For example, the economic downturn is causing real estate price reductions, retirement savings losses and affecting credit.”

The panel will also explore effects of the crisis on the retail and tourism industries.

“We want to emphasize interaction and respond to particular questions and concerns that people have and provide the informed opinions of our faculty experts,” Manev said.

Panelists include Richard Borgman, professor of finance; Harold Daniel, professor of marketing and director of the UMaine-based Center for Tourism and Outreach; Paul Myer, professor of marketing; and Robert Strong, professor of finance and University of Maine Foundation Professor of Investment Education.

Panelists will make short presentations and then open the floor for questions and answers from the audience. Students, staff, faculty and the broader community are invited to the symposium, which is free.

The D.P. Corbett Business Building is located on the Orono campus behind the Maine Center for the Arts.