OLD TOWN, Maine — Caught between a storm and a hurricane, this weekend’s edition of Old Town’s annual fall festival might have been a rainy-fest instead of a Riverfest.

But even though the sun didn’t show up, neither did the hurricane.

“We’ve been lucky,” volunteer Frank Greenleaf of Milford said Saturday. “Everything’s gone really well.”

Plenty of people braved the gloom to enjoy the parade, demonstrations by the University of Maine Woodsmen’s Team and the chance to paddle in the Penobscot River. Area youth were having an especially good time.

Scott Parr, 12, of Old Town said he had never had the chance to go kayaking before.

“Today’s the first time I’ve ever been in one,” the Leonard Middle School seventh grader said, waiting by the river for another turn. “I took off pretty good at it.”

The canoes and kayaks, loaded with kids, zipped around the placid river like brightly-colored water bugs.

Another youngster was inspired by the ambitious wood sawing he witnessed.

“I think it’s good and it’s fun to watch,” Colin Rutherford, 6, said.

Small and sober, he watched the sawdust settle and the long crosscut saw fly in the capable hands of the UMaine students — and allowed that he would like to try his hand at sawing the logs one day.

That’s the point, according to Sven Pulsifer of the Woodsmen’s Team.

“We’ve had a bunch of kids be really interested,” the sophomore said. “They saw with us and then take the piece of wood with them.”

Riverfest was going well, according to the young woodsman.

“It’s fun, and really good to see all the community supporting us.”