PENOBSCOT, Maine -&nbspInvestigators with Maine State Police are trying to find out who damaged a school bus and stole a laptop computer at the elementary school earlier this week.

The incident was reported around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, leading police to suspect the incident occurred sometime the night before, state police Lt. Chris Coleman said Thursday.

He said someone entered a parked school bus through the rear door and damaged some of the seats. He did not know the value of the damage caused to the bus, but guessed that it would be significant.

“About one-third of the seats on the bus were slashed with some sort of device,” he said.

The person or people also made their way into the building, forcing their way through a rear window, according to Coleman. He said nothing inside the building was damaged beyond the window, but that whoever it was rummaged around in the building as if looking for something and made a mess. At least one laptop computer was taken from inside the building and perhaps other things as well, he said.

“There may have been some other items missing,” he said.

Investigators believe the vandals may have been drinking during the incident. Detective Gerald Coleman said beer cans were found in the bus and outside on the school grounds, and that an item of clothing that may have been worn by one of the vandals was found as well. He declined to say more specifically what type of clothing it was.

Lt. Chris Coleman said police have gathered evidence at the scene and are hoping to determine who may have caused the damage and taken the computer.