GREENVILLE, Maine&nbsp- Festivities to celebrate the first anniversary of the Thoreau-Wabanaki Trail will be held in Greenville beginning July 24.

Mainers and visitors from across the region are expected to gather to honor Henry David Thoreau and the Penobscot guides who made two of his three explorations in Maine possible.

The official opening of the trail last July beside Moosehead Lake marked the 150th anniversary of Thoreau’ s third and final trip into Maine’ s North Woods in 1857. This July’ s events will build on last year’ s programs by exploring further how Thoreau’ s ideas about nature and conservation were shaped through observation and from the Penobscots’ philosophy imparted by his guides Joe Polis and Joe Attean.

Historian Walter MacDougall will kick off festivities on July 24 with a talk on “Thoreau, the Man,” at 7 p.m at The Community House.

Events on July 26 will include:

” 9 a.m. to noon: NREC Family Program: Fishing Fundamentals with Eric Ward and Paul Johnson.

” 10 a.m.: Introductory Remarks by Paul Johnson followed by blessing by Penobscot elder Arnie Neptune.

” 10:30 a.m.: Penobscot drumming and the Burnuwerbskek Singers funded by the Penobscot Cultural and Historic Preservation Office.

” 11 a.m.: Chewonki Wildlife in the Water Program at the Center for Moosehead History upstairs.

” 1:30 p.m.: Open to the public a roundtable talk by John Banks, Penobscot natural resource director, on the history of tribal land management in the North Woods at the Center for Moosehead History.

” 3:30 p.m.: The film “Katahdin, Mystical Mountain” folowed by a with filmmaker Connie Baxter Marlow at the Center for Moosehead History.

” 6:15 p.m.: Results of silent auction.

” 7 p.m.: Concert at the gazebo by Doughty Hill with a raffle drawing for an Old Town canoe at intermission.

” All day silent auction at the Community House.

The Sierra Club, Maine Wilderness Guides and Penobscot Cultural &amp Historic Preservation will have exhibits. Canoes will be available to try out on the lake.

An old-time logging photography exhibit will be on display at Community House, including Bert Call books, maps and posters for sale.

Also available will be a new revised edition of the landmark book, “The Wildest Country: Exploring Thoreau’ s Maine,” by J. Parker Huber, and a commemorative poster created for the occasion.

The celebration is free to all.

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