PRESQUE ISLE&nbsp- Musical genres from around the world will intermingle in Aroostook County by week’ s end, and organizers behind the nine-day Northern Maine Music Festival are excited for revelers to take in the sounds to both old&nbsp- and new&nbsp- types of music.

The Northern Maine Music Festival will be held in Presque Isle for the fourth year, kicking off on July 25 and wrapping up on Aug. 2. A huge part of the Northern Maine Fair, the festival showcases a wide variety of music found in northern Maine and Canada.

The 154th Northern Maine Fair also runs from July 25 to Aug. 2.

Kevin McCartney, the music festival’ s originator and chair, said on Monday afternoon that this year’ s festival, which will feature events that will be held each night in the Music Hall, will showcase songs to appeal to an array of musical tastes. McCartney noted that the festival’ s philosophy is to showcase a bit of every type of music that can be found in The County.

As it has in past years, each night the Music Hall will be rocking to all genres of music, including country, rock, gospel, jazz, fiddle, traditional or bluegrass. The first night of the music festival is Country Night, featuring The Old Thime Band.

“We have a couple of new events this year,” McCartney said on Monday. “We are planning to host a Latin night on July 25 and also a Celtic Night for the first time on July 28.”

On Wednesday, July 30, the Wednesday Evening Fiddlers will be on hand from Perth-Andover, New Brunswick. This was the single most popular evening event in the Music Hall last year.

Organizers also are hoping that another event — a Fiesta Night — will draw a significant crowd.

“We are planning that for Sunday, July 27,” said McCartney. “We are going to have an outdoor tent set up behind the Forestry Building with a bandstand and an area for Spanish speaking people. We are trying to reach out to as many people as we can who speak Spanish, including our migrant population. We are trying to get tickets out to the migrant community.”

McCartney said that he feels the event will be vital to letting the Spanish-speaking members of the community know how important they are to the area.

“We haven’ t done enough to let them know that they are a part of the community, that they are welcome and an important part of life here,” he said. “We want to launch the Fiesta Night this year and see how it turns out and then see what can be done to improve upon it.”

The event there will include live and recorded Spanish-language music.

All evening events start at 7 p.m. in the Music Hall next to the Ladies Pavilion in the old commercial building on the fairgrounds.

Other nighttime events that are returning from previous festivals include Country, Gospel, Bluegrass, Rock and Jazz Nights. Sunday at the Northern Maine Fair celebrates a regional theme, which this year is Southern Aroostook County. Groups from southern Aroostook County will be playing in the Music Hall during the afternoon.