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Allyson Strachan of Vinalhaven has won a national scholarship for graduate study in Ireland next year that only four other Mainers have ever received. The George J. Mitchell Scholarship, awarded by the U.S.-Ireland Alliance to 12 people every year, will allow her to study at the Dublin Institute of Technology.

Hockey star, prosthetics tech: This Maine woman was impressive even before she won an elite scholarship

By Erin Rhoda on Nov. 25, 2015, at 8:01 a.m.
Allyson Strachan has synesthesia, a rare condition where her senses overlap in a way where she feels colors.

Ellsworth’s trademark tactic reaches England, Ireland

By Ernie Clark on Sept. 16, 2010, at 8:01 p.m.
Andrew Austin picked up the soccer ball near midfield at Del Luce Stadium in Ellsworth the other night, and proceeded to do what he would repeat more than 20 times during the Eagles’ 3-2 victory over Mount Desert Island. He stepped back a few paces to get a running start …