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Ventzislav Vanguelov (L), an obstetrics and gynecology doctor, gives instructions to physician's assistant Celena Pollock (C) at Nuestra Clinica de Valle women's clinic in San Juan, Texas, September 22, 2015.

New medical billing codes now include ‘struck by an Orca,’ but how will they help most people?

By, on Nov. 19, 2015, at 8:15 a.m.
It’s all very funny — until your doctor cannot find the best code description to cover your visit and the insurance company refuses to pay.

When something goes wrong at the hospital, here’s who pays

By Shefali Luthra, Kaiser Health News on Nov. 11, 2015, at 12:04 p.m.
“Patients don’t normally think about these issues – and who would? They don’t think of any of these issues until they’re right in the middle of it,” said Julia Hallisy, a patient safety advocate. “At that moment, they’re completely shocked and overwhelmed to think that this is how this works.”
Bob Genest, director of the pharmacy at Lincoln's Penobscot Valley Hospital.

PVH upgrades drug-tracking system

By Nick Sambides Jr. on Oct. 12, 2010, at 10:29 p.m.