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How counselors can better protect domestic violence victims

on April 24, 2013, at 3:56 p.m.
Margo Batsie, member services coordinator at the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence, shared an egregious example of a psychiatric system failure when she testified before the state Committee on Labor Commerce, Research and Economic Development on April 18. She described an instance in which a perpetrator, out on bail …
A photo illustration composed to raise domestic violence awareness for USS Theodore Roosevelt's (CVN 71) Coalition of Sailors Against Destructive Decisions (CSADD). This photo placed second, Illustration, in the 2012 Military Photographer of the Year competition.

Same standards must apply for male, female batterers

on March 31, 2013, at 10:32 a.m.
Christopher Mosher, 42, of Litchfield didn’t dispute his domestic violence conviction for a 2011 assault. He appealed his sentence, though, because it included the completion of a certified batterers’ intervention program. If he had been a woman, he argued, he would not have received the sentence — because Maine does …
Maine Rep. Kenneth Fredette, R-Newport, (second from left) holds an electronic monitoring device that is capable of alerting domestic violence victims that their abuser may be headed their way.

Revise electronic monitoring bill to reflect research

on March 27, 2013, at 4:35 p.m.
Maine will hear important debate Friday about a bill that would allow people seeking a protection from abuse order to request that the alleged offender wear an electronic monitoring device. While LD 842, sponsored by House Republican Leader Ken Fredette, is well-intentioned and addresses a significant issue, it should be …
University of Maine student Lisa Black hangs up shirts on the Clothesline Project, a display created by Spruce Run to raise awareness of domestic violence. Black, a member of Campus Safe Project, along with Spruce Run community response coordinator Amy Oliver (foreground), tended the display on a windy Tuesday afternoon in front of Fogler Library. The shirts are decorated by victims of domestic violence.

Give domestic violence survivors priority on housing

on Feb. 22, 2013, at 12:49 p.m.
A woman can have the courage to want to leave a home in which she was assaulted, but what is the point if she has nowhere to go? Sometimes the biggest hurdle that prevents victims from escaping their abusive situation has less to do with the fear of leaving than …
Rena Lolar (left) and Brandon Walus, advocates for the Penobscot Nation Domestic and Sexual Violence Advocacy Center, create purple ribbons on Friday, Sept. 28, 2012, with consultant Jane Root (not pictured) that they put up around Indian Island to let people know that October was Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

A worthy fight: Get guns away from abusers

on Feb. 08, 2013, at 2:18 p.m.
A country-wide debate about guns may have erupted after the Newtown, Conn., shootings on Dec. 14, but it’s important to remember that Maine has been examining for years the role firearms play in domestic violence cases. So Gov. Paul LePage’s welcome announcement during his State of the State address on …
U.S. President Barack Obama, flanked by 8-year-old letter writer Hinna Zeejah (left), 10-year-old letter writer Taejah Goode (third from left), 11-year old-letter writer Julia Stokes and 8-year-old letter writer Grant Fritz (right) signs executive orders on gun violence during an event at the White House in Washington on Jan.16, 2013. Behind the children, are Julia's Dad Dr. Theophil Stokes (second from right) and Kimberly Graves (fourth from left), Taejah's mom. Vice President Joe Biden (far left) delivered his recommendations to Obama after holding a series of meetings with representatives from the weapons and entertainment industries as requested by the president after the Dec. 14 school shooting in Newtown, Conn., in which 20 children and six adults were killed.

Babies have no choice: Violence spills into young minds

on Jan. 18, 2013, at 3:51 p.m.
President Barack Obama wants schools to have more mental health professionals and resource officers in order to better prevent violence. He also wants to provide training to teachers to recognize when young people need help and know how to refer those students to the right mental health services. These goals …
Former University of Maine tight end Daryl Fort, of Mentors in Violence Prevention, leads a frank discussion about date rape and appropriate sexual behavior with the University of Southern Maine men's track team in Gorham on Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2013.

Maine needs light on rape convictions

on Jan. 11, 2013, at 6:18 p.m.
The sickening gang rape and killing of a 23-year-old woman in India has sparked debate around the world about how societies respond to sexual assaults. Rape happens everywhere and much too often — with too few cases resulting in jail time. In Maine, a rape, as reported to police, occurs …