George Danby

Editorial Cartoonist

An archive of George Danby’s cartoons is available through

George Danby has been drawing cartoons since he was in high school.

His first cartoons appeared in the Providence (RI) Journal, before freelancing for the Bangor Daily News. He became editorial cartoonist for the New Haven Register in 1979 and joined the Providence paper six years later before joining the Bangor paper as its full time cartoonist in 1988. Syndicated with McNaught Syndicate and Editors Press Service, Danby’s work has appeared in Down East, Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, USAToday and The Washington Post. Drawing for “Beatles Art,” a fantastic paperback of new artwork of the fab four, was a career highlight.

He has drawn over 20,000 cartoons since 1973. Frankly, he’s exhausted!

Cartoon prints of his daily cartoon and caricatures of political, entertainment and music personalities are available through

Danby has two beautiful children, Sarah and Nick.

Nick is running for president…Danby 2040.