Weather cools, but photogenic critters abound

Posted Nov. 27, 2012, at 9:08 a.m.

I’ll finish my tale of Eustis adventures with a sad image of a wind tower atop Kibby Mountain. On almost every outing, I seem to discover a different area where these towers scar the scenery. This one was taken near Jim Pond.

My expectations of north western Maine being wilderness are somehow dashed … best to keep my expectations in line with reality.

The photos of the female white-winged crossbills were taken in the same area.The crossbills get their name from their mandibles

which are crossed at the tip. They use this adaptation for prying open coniferous cones then eating perhaps 3,000 seeds a day. I caught this one taking a bath in a pool of water beside the trail.

Sometimes, I forget that the critters which frequent my backyard feeders are wild. I nearly passed up the opportunity to photograph this American goldfinch feeding upon seeds from this trail side weed, because I thought, momentarily, this is a really common bird … “not much interest here” … “wrong.” I seem to learn my lessons the hard way!

The partridge displaying its feathers appeared to me while I was exploring an area off the Government Road near Leonard’s Mills in Bradley.This year has been excellent for sighting ruffed grouse. I’ve seen and been able to photograph more of then than in recent memory.

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